Chameleone’s Impatience Denies Tuff B Chance To Perform At Masaka Street Jam

Reasons to why some of the artistes failed to perform at the Masaka Street Jam that was held over the weekend have started to emerge.

Dr. Jose Chameleone
Dr. Jose Chameleone

Sources have revealed that the self proclaimed singing doctor, Jose Chameleone was impatient and he wanted to perform and this saw many artistes fail to perform.

Sources have further revealed that the MC of the night, MC Kats was put on pressure by Jose Chameleone and he ended up by neglecting other artistes.

“Kats refused to give a chance to Tuff B because Chameleone wanted to perform,” said the source.

Jose Chameleone’s impatience affected other artistes like Red Banton, Diamond Oscar and many more.

The organizers revealed that they could not allow other artistes to perform after the headliner’s performance.

“Jose Chameleone’s performance has to close the show. If you don’t perform before him you don’t perform,” said the organizer

Though he was impatient, Jose Chameleone set up a thrilling performance that left most of his fans demanding for more.

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