Ex-Ugandan Sodomite, Sengooba Loses Petition

Ex-Ugandan Sodomite, Sengooba Loses Petition

News reaching our desk indicates that former pearl petroleum proprietor and gay suspect, Robert K Sengooba has lost a petition where he was challenging the Anti-homosexuality Act 2014.

Through his Human Rights Lawyer Patricia Kimera, Sengooba had petitioned East African Court of Human Rights (EACJ) in Arusha-Tanzania (No 6 of 2014) challenging the legality of Anti-Homosexuality Act 2014.

Sengooba, was blacklisted and arrested by Old Kampala police and dragged to Kololo Summit View Police post on suspicions of sodomy and sodomizing a one Eddie Semaganda and his female worker (names withheld).Makindye Martial court magistrate; Karuhanga .E. Levi, had issued summons and his production warrant of arrest.

This was after the victims went and reported to CID section at Old Kampala Police and they recorded their statements, and the case was filed under Ref No CID/ OK/ HCK/013/29/11.

Sengooba,31, was part of large group of homos who were rounded up by police in November 2011. In the hearing process, Police Criminal Investigation Department presented before the Makindye Court Martial all the necessary evidence pining him being a bisexual.

The evidence included dermatological creams that are used by homos to ease their Anal penetration, according to senior government analytical; pain killers, a bottle of chloroform, porn-movies, Gay DVD movies and sex toys that were recovered from his home located at plot 231, Nsaro road. He was also found to be having carnal knowledge of victim, Semaganda.

Basing on these evidences, court that was presided over by the late Magistrate Levi Karuhanga found him guilty of being ‘bisexual’ (bum driller).

However, being his constitutional right as a Ugandan, Sengooba was granted bail by High Court and was order to report back after treatment. He however according to civil aviation police report used that chance to flee the country via Entebbe International Airport with the help of his uncle, who was by then one of top security bosses, for fear of facing the wrath of the law. According to section 145 (a) of penal code act, an offender of gay law faces life imprisonment.

After the escape, his lawyer petitioned EACJ contending that the passing of Anti-Homosexuality Act 2014 particularly articles 6(d) 7(2) was in violation of the treaty in the establishment of East African Community (EAC).

He also wanted this law scrapped off from Ugandan constitution on reasons that it infringes the human right of lgbt members.

However all the efforts to have the judgment decreased or quashed were futile after a panel of three judges at EACJ recently ruled to maintain the controversial anti-gay law. They added that Homosexuality is an abomination, it’s not part of African norms and traditions and that such bad behaviors which are brought/exported to African countries by Europeans should remain there.

The Ethics and Integrity Minister, Fr Simon Lukodo said in an interview that Homosexual behaviors is “repugnant to the lives of people of Uganda, Sengooba and group wanted to rape me,” Minister said.

Sengooba, is a son to ex local government Permanent Secretary, Ms Florence Kityo Birungi and Ex Ugandan envoy at Ugandan Missions in Italy and Japan; and late Bakayana Kityo.

Sengooba, was the coordinator of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) in Uganda and in some European-countries like Iceland, Switzerland, Germany and Finland among others.

According to the evidence that was found in his computer hard drive by the CID department, Old Kampala Police, Sengooba used to receive huge amount of money from his LGBT partners and politicians abroad eg; Ice-Gay (Iceland) Jewish LGBT network swiss, Rainbow services, Arcus LGBT community Finland, Rainbow youth Aotearoa-Newzealand-Auckland and ICYE Europe/ ICYE Colombia.
He used  to attend lgbt conferences in Colombia-(Bogota) Argentina, Thailand, Ecuador and South African.