Gay Show at National Theatre Interrupted

Police officers standing at the entrance of National Theatre

This week, chaos erupted at National Theatre in Kampala as Police raided the packed-house mostly of gay people in protest to a show that being staged at the theater.

Three prominent Ugandan musicians made a bold move when they staged and featured in a drama show by the Talented Ugandan Kuchus (TUK) advocating for the rights of homosexuals on Wednesday.

Prominent dancer and musician Michael Kasaija, Grace Nakimera and Cindy Sanyu shocked a few curious people who turned up for the free-entrance show when they performed in semi-nude choreographed dances that had girls dressed like men and men dressed like women.

Concerned about the content and the message in the show titled; “Lightening the Shadows” the management of the National Theatre and stakeholders stormed the stage and announced they could not allow it to continue.

But as the management dimmed the lights and ordered everyone to match out, the full house audience, most of them believed to have been gay sympathizers shouted and refused to get out.

Godfrey Lule, the Public Relations Officer of National Theatre told the press that Michael Kasaija, who booked for the show and was behind all the arrangements, duped the Theatre’s Quality Assurance Team last Saturday by not showing them the full contents of the show in the rehearsal.

“Kasaija did not show us the video as well as the dances. And looking at the cast in the show who include prominent musicians like Nakimera, it never crossed our minds that the show would comprise gay stuff which obviously contravenes our mandate as the Uganda National Cultural Centre,” said Lule.

He added, “But after we sensed that the message was evidently about gay rights, so we decided to act and stopped it.”

However, leading Ugandan gay rights activist, Frank Mugisha, confirmed the show is ‘educative’ about homosexuality. He said that people should not be discriminated against because of what they wear or how they look.

Mugisha says he has submitted the script of the play to government for review so that it can be staged across the country.  He was grateful for the Dutch and American governments for their support, saying that President Obama’s electoral victory in America was a major boost for the gay community worldwide.

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22 thoughts on “Gay Show at National Theatre Interrupted”

  1. Thanx National Theatre, those people are becoming a pain in the neck, Uganda belongs to Jesus and is not for gays, you Nakimera, Cindy and Kashaija watch out, i foresee your downfall if you don’t repent soon. Mugisha and your team are all agents of evil.

    1. Dear Ugandans,
      Please open your eyes and see properly. Uganda is not a Western world and we must not allow our cultures to be invaded by such acts. Why, Why, Why gay? Why homosexuality? Right, which right? Allow it and it is a curse.

      1. Dear Ugandans,

        By all means continue to worship a religion that has just recently been imported in your country & #follow the most archaic branch that will help you to achieve a life-style of 18th century Europe (with a bit of 16th century to accommodate those who believe in witchcraft).

        Forget at the same time that it was science that brought you real progress & ignore scientific facts. Like that there exist over 4000 different branches of religion, and that there have been many more that are now obsolete (Zeus – anyone?). If only one of them is true – then which one & what is the matter with all the others (Richard Dawkins – The God Delusion)??

        Also funny to see a bunch of sex-phobic people pretend they are true Christians. Jesus shunned violence & the first commandment forbids people to kill or harm others. So religion is nog the issue here. The real issue is sex: the HIV epidemic has left Uganda, once a country where people were sex-educated and wise, prudish, sex-phobic and willing to blame the gays.

  2. Uganda govt, national theatre and all other higher authorities, you are wasting your time persecuting gay people. I am not gay but i don’t believe in persecuting consenting adults on the things that they do in the privacy of their homes. In countries where there are no gay rights they didn’t have to do that and they had to fight tooth and nail to get their freedoms recognized. When people are not happy, they will fight until their basic rights are recognized.

    1. I agree with you. I am also not a homosexual person. I would rather be celibate, than “gay”. But i do not condemn those who are. It is not so much a choice as a way of being that is in their DNA. They cannot help who they are. Why should someone be condemned for the way their body is in this world. All the people i know are good Christian people who are just a little different, not bad. If the Ugandan government does not want them in their country, just help them to immigrate to another country like the USA or Canada. It would be a lot cheaper to give the money to SMUG to help them leave than to put them in jail for life (50 years or more). A little compassion PLEASE!

      1. @Sara. The more you keep denying our gay men, the more they are going to become.
        You sound like woman who think you can turn any Gay guy straight…
        Shame! grow up woman..

  3. How could these people even have confidence to stage public shows. They should have been arrested and why are our members of parliament delaying with this gay bill. These people shouldn’t be allowed to air their affairs in public lest our kids are going to succumb to this immorality.

  4. what the police did is not democratic. that play wasn’t immoral and why did the national theatre accept it in the first place only to stop it midway!!!!people have the right to express themselves as long as its not violent.we all have tastes and preferences.

    1. nunu, what kind of identity z this, No wonder freedom of expression is too much that even prats have!

  5. Mr Frank Mugisha, Ugandans do not need your education on Gayism. Please respect Ugandan culture and you will enjoy your human rights. Election of Oboma will no make any difference. Soon anti gay Act will be out. Prepare your visa application soon to go to USA where you will be received as a human right activist persecuted in his country. We know that is your strategy. As for the true Ugndans ( read Africans), we shall not accept promotion of gayism in our country even if your overrated obamas cut the so called AID.

  6. who introduced the bibble and christianity to uganda? keep the answer to your self. its states in this very bibble that gay people were burnt and killed right? keep it again to your self. since you have not the slightest idea of what this bibble and jesus figure mean, you follow any ideas being brought to you be some people. if you really wanted to preserve your cultures and traditions why did you accept chrstianity and jesus who are both relatively uncompable to your cultures. what am trying to say is, that stop being hypocrites and let the gay people be, and if you really want to prosecute gay people begin with almost all single sexed schools in uganda and dont be surprised that your son or daughter will be one of them. countries like uganda copy any western cultures without understandind what they really mean, like Haloowen, etc, so please just adopt the gay culture , well takes a little time but trust me, it will all be just fine ha ha ha ha, hate this or love it , they say devil or jesus oh gosh once you know the truth all be be just fine……

  7. Well i also expect the so called ”educating” of Ugandan’s on homosexuality to tell the whole story and truth like the ”side effects”.

  8. I now sense the downfall of Cindy and Nakimera,Kasaija was trashed long ago wn he chose to leave d obsns

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