Lesbian banished from village, Goes Into hiding

Angolo Sandra Salome a well-known lesbian who is on the run after her girlfriend was arrested and sentenced and jailed has been banished from the village for engaging in same sex relationship.

Sandra and one of her friends
Sandra and one of her girlfriend

According to the villagers and in the eyes of her extended family, Sandra had brought shame on them all.

Sandra has been a well-known lesbian in Uganda and she recruited several girls that include Sasha Samira Tumi her girlfriend, Lynda Ddane, Shopie Kirungi, Nancy Kembabazi and many more.

Sandra’s girlfriend was later released and forced to marry a man and they later had kids.


Sandra had for long courted controversy as an outspoken advocate for women’s rights.

Sandra and Samira at a gay parade.
Sandra and Samira at a gay parade.

But her resilience while advocating for women’s rights took a turn for the worse when she was outed as a lesbian, setting in motion events that caused her to flee into hiding, leaving her relatives face the wrath of village elders.

The Two love birds

Thousands of homosexual men and women in Uganda keep their sexual orientation a closely guarded secret in the knowledge that bringing it out into the open would attract potential retribution from villagers, church leaders and some government officials.

Anti-Homosexuality Bill In Uganda

An excited Parliament debated and overwhelmingly passed the Bill which criminalises sexual intercourse between same-sex partners.

The legislation provides for a sentence of life imprisonment for anyone convicted of homosexuality, which covers gays and lesbians.

A proposal to put the punishment to 14 years in jail was rejected by the House.

Samira and Sandra show off their egagment rings
Samira and Sandra show off their egagment rings


The offence is also deemed to have been committed if he or she uses any object or sex device to penetrate or stimulate sexual organs of a person of the same sex or if he or she touches another person with intent to commit the act of homosexuality.

“A person who commits an offence under this section shall be liable on conviction to imprisonment for life,” the passed Bill reads in part.