Ugandan Gay Fiesta ‘Rocks’ Birmingham

When exiled Ugandan LGBT’s took to the streets of Birmingham UK, sometime late last year carrying  placards while chanting  pro- gay statements and sentiments with the aim of pushing President Museveni and his government to loosen it’s tight ‘grip’ on them, little did we know that this was bound to be an annual event.



On Saturday the streets of Birmingham were a beehive of activity as several gay Ugandans joined together in a renewed call for acceptance by the Ugandan government.

It ought to be noted that Uganda became fodder for western media a few years ago when a bill was moved on the floor of parliament to have all gay activity outlawed and punishable by long jail sentence.


This bill caused uproar from the western world and several international human rights bodies calling for the Ugandan government to rethink their stand because they regarded it as gross violation of human rights.


The bill caused some western countries such as Denmark and Sweden to cut the supply of Aid to Uganda but this move did not stop the legislators in the Ugandan parliament to go ahead to pass the bill into a law this move earned the parliamentarians several applauses from a huge percentage of the Ugandan population but caused further uproar from the western world.


Some gay people managed to sneak out of the country into exile because they felt unsafe in Uganda.


The United Kingdom welcomed them with arms wide open and its from there that they set a base so as to pressurize their governments back home.

Luckily for the gay community the manner in which the anti gay law was passed in parliament was challenged by civil rights bodies and was squashed by the courts of law.

This was victory and joy undignified as the remain gay people held celebrations at various places.

However it ought to be noted that though the law against homosexuality was squashed, Uganda still remains a highly conservative place where a huge percentage of the population still frown at the sight of a gay couple and will stop at bashing or isolating them.


It’s of little wonder that the Ugandan LGBT’s are pushing for acceptance from their very own people