Ugandan Lesbian Fears Persecution If Returned

A Ugandan lesbian who went missing a few years ago says she fears for her life if returned to the country.

Judith with Peter Tachtel, a 'human rights' activist
Judith with Peter Tachtel, a ‘human rights’ activist

Twikirize Twiith Judith went missing in 2009 after her village, Kyamuhunga in western Uganda vowed to burn her over her involvement in homosexual activities.

However, as we have gathered, Judith is in the United Kingdom (UK). It has also emerged that Judith, who has been in detention since 29th September 2014 till 18th December, has now applied for a judicial review of her detention case with the Upper Tribunal UK.

According to posts on her social media platforms, with her on line petition signed by over 1,500 supporters, Judith told UK news sites like gay star news, pink news that being a lesbian and ‘human rights activist,’ she would rather commit suicide than return to Uganda where she feels she will be persecuted and won’t live a free life.

Sources we spoke to say she probably fears the reaction from members of her village, Kyamuhunga which expelled her. The Ugandan society is largely conservative and acts like homosexuality are treated as ungodly.

The country passed a highly controversial law against homosexuality in December 2013 but was struck down after gay rights activists went to court challenging the law. There have been calls by some lawmakers to re-introduce the law in parliament although this is being treated with caution considering the international backlash the previous own drew.


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  1. I’m concerned that young people are being led to believe in this and they also think they are. They need Christ in their lives to fight the strong satanic temptations in life.
    If she could join a good church and pray, and they pray for her, she will be fine.

  2. @Shine exactly my words. She needs healing to be honest, strong prayers. Looking at this, I feel for us parents what our children will learn as they grow. This is why we all need prayers.

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