10,000 Ghost Students At Kyambogo University Identified

The auditor general John Muwanga has tabled the latest audit report detailing the accountability of funds for the year 2014.

kyambogo university

The report indicates that Kyambogo University is housing over 10,000 students who were admitted but without applications.

“A special audit was undertaken for Kyambogo University and it was noted among other findings that a total of 10,486 students were admitted by the university without them making applications. This was found to be irregular,” states the report.

The report tabled before deputy speaker Jacob Oulanya, also indicates that during the year, liabilities in respect of cases before court under the Justice Ministry rose from shs2.2trillion in the previous year to shs4.3trillion in 2014. This increase indicated a 95% rise.

“The situation is untenable and likely to create an additional burden on public resources. There is need for government to examine the issue further with a view to establishing the likely causes in order to facilitate government to arrive at a sustainable solution,” the report advises.

The same report indicates that government is likely to lose billions of shillings to irregular payments for works not executed and payments for defective works. These irregular payments amount to over shs45bn.

The same report indicates that though most ministries are poorly performing, the same ministries are given funds but they fail to utilize them.

As such, much of these sectors’ funds are returned to treasury.

He said under this, there were projects that failed to absorb over shs217bn.

The cash that was returned by government entities totals to shs9.5bn and auditors noted that this would exacerbate partial service delivery.

The most affected service delivery areas according to the auditor are road constructions, agro processing, household income improvement, health and education services.

The low absorption capacity was attributed to inefficiencies in management of procurements, delayed accountability, capacity gaps of contractors, inadequate planning among others.

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