Shock as 109-year-old donates water, UGX400,000 to COVID-19 fight

RDC Akello receives an envelope containing UGX400,000 from elderly Batte Kajja as other leaders look on at her office on Monday April 27. (COURTESY PHOTO)

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Arua – The nation has, on Monday, April 27, been treated to utter shock when a 109-year-old woman donated 20 cartons of water and UGX400,000 in cash to Arua district coronavirus disease (COVID-19) task force in fulfilment of President Yoweri Museveni’s call to fight the pandemic.

Khemisa Batte Kajja, the paternal aunt of Amin’s vice President, Gen. Mustafa Idris donated the items to Alice Akello, the Arua deputy RDC in the presence of Jackson Atima Lee, the chairperson Arua chamber of commerce and industries.

Batte said she solicited the items from her family members to be presented to the task force so as to join President Museveni in the fight against the disease that has killed many people across the world.


“President Museveni was the one who brought my son (Idris) from the exile and he took good care of him until he died. Up to now, the peace we are enjoying is because of Museveni and the unity they had with my son. That is why, I said it is important for me to join him in the fight against this killer disease by donating the little I have got,” Kajja said.

Kajja also used the opportunity to seek for a meeting with President Museveni before she dies.

“When my son died, he surrendered us in the hands of Museveni but it is very hard to meet him. Today, I’m very hopeful that through the RDC, my request to meet the President will reach him. There are issues I want to tell him before I die,” Kajja emphasized.

Kajja is the current matron of West Nile effort for Museveni, a pressure group formed by Idris. She took over from Idris who was the patron of the group shortly after his death. Members of the pressure group also supported Kajja in soliciting for funds for the cause.

Akello was, however, humbled by Kajja’s gesture, saying it is rare for a person of such an age to come out donating for a noble cause like this.

“Mama, I’m greatly humbled to receive this donation from you. I have no words to even receive this from you because at this age, you are still moving to come and bring this donation to us, I’m once again greatly humbled and may the good Lord bless you!” Akello prayed.

The RDC commended the family of the former vice President for bringing West Nile effort for Museveni group together to support the government.

Akello said: “It is now a challenge to us; if an old woman like this moves to bring this to us as a task force and we misuse it, I think we must be very careful lest we get a curse from God. This donation must be put in proper use and for what it was given for.”

Meanwhile on behalf of the family, Atima said Late Idris supported this government of President Museveni so much besides doing enormous things for West Nile region, all geared towards mobilizing support for the NRM government.

He said as a result, the family has remained united and supportive to President Museveni’s government.

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