14 Cheat Death In S.Sudan Plane Crash

14 Cheat Death In S.Sudan Plane Crash

At least 14 people out of 45 passengers are confirmed to have sustained grave wounds after a South Sudanese South Supreme Airlines plane they were travelling crash-landed at Wau airport on Monday afternoon.

The plane burst into flames immediately after landing, giving rescuers a difficult time to save the passengers and crew while at the same time fighting the fire.

According to South Sudanese authorities, it is not yet clear what caused the plane to burst into flames, although it is suspected to have developed a mechanical problem shortly before landing. Eyewitnesses said the pilot had overshot the runway.

But there is also suspicion that the plane could have been hit by militants loyal to rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar, with intent to hurt and or cripple  president  Salva Kirr’s government by cutting off access to air transport. Conflicting reports had earlier that suggested dozens could have died, although these reports were trashed by the S.Sudan government.


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