15 Gulu Pupils Succumb To Nodding Disease

Victims of the Nodding disease

Victims of the Nodding disease
Victims of the Nodding disease

The nodding disease has claimed the lives of 15 pupils of Aromo-wang-lobo Primary School in Gulu district over the last six months.

The latest victim passed away last week. Santos Okello, the Headmaster Aromo-wang- lobo Primary School identifies the deceased as Denis Opio, a primary four pupil.

He says the late Opio was among the 241 children from the school who are suffering from the nodding disease.

Okello says that 241 out of the 532 pupils in the school are victims of the nodding disease syndrome. He says that the school faces serious challenges which include frequent interruptions whenever the victims get attacks during lessons.

He says that some teachers and pupils have abandoned the school for fear of contracting the disease. Currently, there are only six teachers at the school including the head teacher.

But on a positive note, three pupils suffering from nodding disease syndrome passed in second and third grades in last year’s Primary Leaving Examinations. 14-year-old Nelson Onekalit came second at Aromo-wang-lobo with 22 aggregates.

Two other victims Tony Blair Orwa and Felix Ojo scored 28 and 31 aggregates respectively. Arromo-wang-lobo Primary School is located 92 kilometers East of Gulu town at the boundary between Pader, Lira, Kitgum and Gulu.





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  1. Whats going on here,such sick children need healthy support n6t grades,why is this ditsease not known tô the natiôn,is dat the money enbezzled by da mukulas?

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