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Robbers in Kibaale district attacked and gunned down Businge (22) and John Bosco Magezi (16) who were at a produce store.

The gunmen also injured Joseph Businge who is the owner of the store.

The victims are of the same family.


The robbery took place in Kihuna village, Kakindo sub-county Kibaale district on Thursday night.

Narrating the story, Joseph was put on gunpoint and was given two options; bring money or be shot dead.

Tempers flared among robbers when Joseph pulled out at 20,000 shilling note.

They ordered Joseph to take them home and give them money.

Upon seeing the robbers with Joseph, Businge’s wife Annet tried to shout on top of her voice but her shouting was cut short after she was gunned down by the robbers.

After shooting Annet, a 16-year-old Magezi then tried to wrestle down one of the gunmen. He ended up being shot in the buttocks by the thieves as they rapidly withdrew from the scene that was attracting attention.

The gunmen ran away whiling firing several shots in the air to deter anyone from trying to follow them.

Magezi died on his way to Kakindo Health center IV due to extensive loss of blood.

Joseph was found hiding in a nearby bush, bleeding. The thugs had beaten him up severely while demanding he give them money. He was rushed to Hoima regional referral hospital for treatment.

Kibaale district Police commander John Ojokuna Elatu said that the police has already been deployed in the area to pursue the armed thugs.

The bodies of the deceased are at Kakindo health centre awaiting a post-mortem examination.

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