Centenary Park Demolition Gets Dirty

By Milton Tumusiime

Stuart Yiga

&Ronald Nahabwe

Tough talking Amelia at Centenary park

Yesterday’s early morning razing down of the popular hangout, Centenary Park, in the heart of the city, served a better stage for two senior government officials to wash their dirty linen in public.

The operation conducted by Kampala Capital City Authority to safeguard a greenbelt in the city under the stewardship of firebrand Jennifer Musisi Kiwanuka saw the full wrath of Trade minister Amelia Kyambadde exposed.

“Why doesn’t Musisi behave like a civilised person; she is a terrorist,” the visibly irritated Amelia said.

Amelia branded Musisi a person who does not consider other people’s attitudes and who has no human heart before acting, calling upon her to stop using excessive force when carrying out her activities.

She rushed to Centenary park where KCCA officials had demolished structures, after news had reached her that KCCA Executive Director, Jenifer Musisi Semakula had ordered for the demolition of Lady Charlote building and other permanent structures under Naalongo Estates.

The angry minister also wanted to know why police used excessive force when they were arresting the Managing Director of Naalongo Estates Limited, Sarah Kizito, a wife to Kampala Central Division Mayor Godfrey Nyakana.

The demolition at the site started at around 4:00am, and by 7:30am, the chaos had already started sparked off by the arrest of Sarah Kizito and other five men, which Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander, Andrew Felix Kaweesi said had been hired by Nyakana to disrupt the demolition exercise that was being carried out by KCCA.

Amelia said that if  Musisi doesn’t reduce on her speed of doing things, the country might lose investors and also the locals may turn hard-hearted yet they need to be treated with humane.

On May 16, 2006, Naalongo Estates Limited entered into an agreement with then KCC to manage Centenary Park. The agreement was for a period of ten years subject to a number of pertinent conditions among which was that her company was to transform the site into a modern park, and also had to submit to Council development plans for approval before commencement of any work at the park.

Sarah Kizito was also not supposed to erect structures of whatever description without the express permission of the Council. It was agreed that the termination of the contract would occur when either party was in breach of a fundamental term of the agreement, among others.

Musisi claims that several of the structures erected in the park were done without express permission from the Council, yet the greenbelt was fenced off creating a sense of private ownership thereby restricting accessibility to the members of the public.

On April 26, 2012, KCCA issued a notice of termination of the management contract to Naalongo Estates Limited in the respect of Centenary Park (Plot 34E-38E) citing three fundamental breaches;

Commencement of works on the property without approval of the Council, erection of structures on the park without the express permission of the Council, and failure to keep the place at all times free from obstruction and failure to maintain the greenbelt and open for the public use and the absence of an occupation permit.

The termination decision was communicated to Naalongo Estates Ltd on June 28, 2012, and since then, the Managing Director (Sarah Kizito) attempted to drag KCCA into arbitration on the basis of a memorandum of understanding signed regarding the park.

However, the two parties according, to the memorandum of understanding which they signed, mutually agreed that in case of any dispute arising out of interpretation and implementation, such dispute shall be amicably resolved between the parties, in case of failure to resolve the same dispute, the same shall be referred to a mutually agreed soon arbiter.

According to Musisi, Kizito was given 90 days to vacate the park, which means she was supposed to hand over the place by October 1, 2012, which KCCA did not respect because they demolished the structures before the agreed date in the termination letter.

While addressing journalists at KCCA boardroom, Musisi said that they did so because they had got information that some hooligans had planned to disrupt their exercise.

The affected businesses/ persons include; Ice Ways, Car Security Gadgets, Effendy’s, Spice Gardens Ltd, Kidz Avenue, Diva Models, Chineese Restaurant, Vitamin Cafe, Ronah’s Boutique, Olives and Centenary Unisex Saloon.

“The authority in its drive to transform Kampala will not shy away from taking bold decisions and implementing them even if these decisions may cause inconveniences to some members of the public,” Musisi said.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Presidential Affairs Committee, Barnabas Tinkasiimire blasted Amelia, accusing her of trying to sabotage Musisi’s work of cleaning up the City.

“Actually, I am going to summon her to my committee and explain why she did so. Is it because she wanted to show these traders that she cares about them because of the lots of cash they dished into her campaigns in Mawokota North, we shall come to know why”, Tinkasiimire added.

On the other hand, acting minister for Kampala, Muruli Mukasa, who is also the Security minister, assured the public of security and appealed to them to remain calm as KCCA tries to modify the City.

Kampala Metropolitan Police boss, Andrew Felix Kaweesi revealed that over five people were arrested during the commotion at Centenary Park, including Sarah Kizito.

When asked about the manner in which Kizito was arrested, he said that was unavoidable especially in such a situation where the chaos had started.

He added that those arrested shall be taken to court to answer different charges. Kizito sustained some bruises as a result of brutal arrest. Nyakana said he heard some KCCA law enforcement officials vowing to strip her naked to establish whether she was putting on a g-string.

Kizito spent the whole day being grilled by police detectives at CPS for allegedly abusing police officers who were on duty and interrupting them.
Nyakana later appeared at CPS alongside family lawyers but were all denied access to talk to Kizito as the detectives lashed at them that they were still they were still busy conducting their investigations.

The press time, Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Ibin Senkumbi said police had completed compiling the files of all the arrested including Kizito and they would be arraigned before Buganda Road Court today to be charged with assault of police officers on duty.

Senkumbi said the suspects would spend their nights in coolers so as to be produced in court in the morning.

35 thoughts on “Centenary Park Demolition Gets Dirty

  1. The city had failed to take shape because of the politicians who look for cheap popularity from the electorate. It is now that our city should have a face look. We can not achieve this unless some terms are dictated by the authority. Can you imagine! Kigali the capital of Rwanda is far better than Kampala. Reaching that status was not through the so called democratic measures. It is unfortunate that even people who look elites and have ever travelled to other cities outside Uganda are at the fore front to block developments.

    Musa Bakar – Teacher.

  2. I am verybhappy about this we have been told that no one can temper with Sarah Kizito because of Nyakana mayor central he thinks that he is the king of kings.
    No one is above the law nyakana had been aproblem to the public we need to assist Musisi on this I know some will cray because of the money they lost at sarah kizito estate but think of it you have been reading news papper’s every day and KCCA had been informing you that they will demolish that place. so blame your self because of beleiving in Sarah and Nyakana that no one cant touch them very sorry!
    Musisi keep up!

  3. Does Amelia know Nyakaana well? Does she know the extent of the problem he has caused to this city?

    How did she(and others in her category) want Musisi to approach the problem?

    In whose interest is Kyambadde really working?

    I’m really amazed!

  4. Amelia it so sad that your eyes have been closed all along, the inhumane treatment your boss
    unleashed on the walk to work demonstrators was unspeakable.
    Where were you when an expecting mother was shot along Entebbe road and worst still you weren’t among the well wishers who contributed to her treatment, did hear you talk then
    A girl was shot dead in Masaka and even your boss visited her parents but i didn’t see you there.
    I think your words are misdirected, instead direct them to you boss(the above) , sorry you are losing one of your source of income as it is a known secret that corrupt people pay you in exchange for protection.
    Now open your eyes and you’ll see who a terrorist is in Uganda

  5. if they are to demolish buildings they should start with the forest mall , garden city,…since they are all in wetlands and we are are trying to conserve for the future..
    the demolishing of centenary park was so unfair and the arrest of sarah kizito was so embarasing the people should be charge..

    1. Dr. Innocent Mayanja, am sitting here wondering what you really studied. I respect Drs. a lot. But the point here is not demoloshing every thing that has come up on wetlands. Definately musis was not the ED of KCCA at that time.

      The point is giving Kampala City a model look. So instead of having that noisy park with a lot of bars and restaurants why not have yes another FOREST MALL or a UNIVERSITY or a BUS PARK ? Dude my father always told me think first before you say a word.

      AMELIA shame on you we need a better kampala to HELL with those traders we are all traders but yes we need organized parks not some dark corridows without any fire exit routes what if terrorists hit us in the currrent park, do you see the magnitude of damage?

      1. sorry mr mahjoup it makes no sense to insult the doctor yet your at the wrong side ,we all need the city with a model look but it has to be done in a diplomatic way.think again as your father told you,because he knew it will be very difficult for you to understand.

  6. I feel sorry for Kyambadde because she can only fight for the so called foreign investors, i didnot see her rushing and opening her eyes wide when KCCA was demolishing shops in the new taxi park. Thats cheap popularity, trust me the locals will judge you in next years

  7. am so suprised that mddam Kyambadde has just seen the inhumane treatment we’ve been going through. bambiii

  8. Demolish the following places and the public will know you are really doing a real job, part of Hotel Africana, Garden city and many other which are also build on Wet land.

  9. Sory Jennifer don’t be derailed by this minor incident just be strong continue with your work we shall give you more support your nexed target should be reopening the Road between KPC and sure house the link between bombo road to buganda road closed by the so called Balokole forget about the so called super ministers of today

  10. I begin by saluting Madam Musisi for a job well done. You are breath of fresh air in our country. You have such a big task before you but from what we have so far seen, I have no doubt whatsover that you will accomplish your mission.

    To Ms Amelia Kyambadde, it is a shame that you carried yourself in such a manner. As a person in a position of authority, you should always aim before you shoot- not vive versa. You should have gathered all the fact before opening your mouth publically.

    To Sarah KIZITO and Godfrey Nyakaana- the times have changed. You are used to the way the KCC operated using underhand methods. Those days are gone and it is no longer KCC but KCCA. It was not just a change of names but a fundamental change( a proper fundamental change). Madam MUSISI is different from the previous executives-she is very much a woman of her word. Get over the hangover of the KCC days-you have made a lot of money and I am sure you won’t be starving.

    To those of you who are accusing Madam MUSISI of double standards- I just want to remind you that this lady stood to Afande Tinyefunza( now Afande Ssejusa). Doing what she did to move the Afande, I have come to respect Madam MUSISI as a very consistent executive.

    Regarding other properties built in the wetlands or green belts, if the proprietors of such properties signed contracts with Musisi’s predecessors( KCC). Without those companies breaching any parts of the contracts, such contacts remain binding. Which means that KCCA cannot revoke them. So those calling on MUSISI to demolish the other structures should tell us how those companies have breached the contracts signed with KCC.

    If KIZITO and NYAKAANA had not breached any terms of their contracts with KCC, KCCA would have no legal basis for terminating their contract and therefore demolishing their developments.

    I call upon all well meaning Ugandans to rally behind Madam Musisi.

    1. Geof, i couldnt read further without applauding your analysis. Pat yourself because you are knowledgeable and sober. You have said all i shd ve only concisely

    2. thank you GEOFF



  11. Preserving the green belt is fine but the question remains why is demolition of properties in wetlands come too late? Why do NEMA / KCCA wait to see structures established?
    Am just waiting to see demolition of goft Course Hotel, Nukmat, Uchumi, Sheraton hotel among others. KCCA should have a better way of addressing this issue. Leaders should adopt people centered activities than causing chaos day by day.I remember one of the newest building on Kampala road was constructed on road serve but it was avoided because it belongs to a church, Industries are polluting the water sources no body is addressing that.
    All of us need to be treated like human being, we shouldn’t be cursed for our actions. Jennifer Musisi started well but I doubt whether she will win the battle. Let her work involve KCCA Councillors to own this initiative. Poor people are also fundamental in development so we need to consider them in every project.

    1. Twahah thanks 4 this observation.musisi yes is doing agood job,but the issue is how,, i dont think it should always involve killing of people,leaving women naked all in the name of showing or proving how hard working u r. why sould there be sheding of blood in our own conutry,its not their fault that those places r in wetlands because they were given contracts which they expected to end may be then,,,,but they have put alot of money,time that they cant just see gone in just one day.pleasssss

  12. I have one question,

    As the MD of the Park what exactly was Madam Kizito doing there ?

    MD is such a respectable position. She could send her assistants of managers to see what was going on and later shue KCCA.

    It was not what I would do holding her position, she could n’t be embarassed to this level of sleeping in the coolers. Let style Women

  13. kyambadde kyambadde mind your own bussnes there is no votes to still at centenary park, let Musisi do her work

  14. Bravo, Bravo Md.Musisi, we are really thirty for the clean and green city.Leave those who are shouting and do your job,Go on God will protect you.

  15. i have never supported Musis but this time am by her side, we all know that Amelia is a respected lady who was liked by both NRM and non NRM but what she did was disappointing, she tried to confuse pple that she is feeling sorry on behalf of lay man, but the question is, where was she all along, is this the first incident, why is she fooling us??

  16. it is sad a Minister could leave her office to come and obstracte government work. We have a minister in charge of Kampala. Was he consulted when his portfolio was being attacked. where was Amelia when the hawlkers were being evicted. does Amelia do her hair from Lady Charlote? we are tired of politics in the city. this is not mawookota! I surely see Musisi as a good President in the making. bravo maama Musisi


  18. I cant understand.U really dont know the devil in Musisi.I once had her supporting Nyakana when Lukwago told her the park was on green belt initially she had taken office.Now if she wants the park open to public,what about City Square which is closed by idlers.Is Musisi blind there ?.Now it is clear Musisi wants kickbacks,when u fail to comply she demolishes u..Amelia is a very respectable person u can trust.she is the only minister who walks down streets on foot.Musisi just thinks the city belongs to her and her elitist good for nothing corrupt beauracrats.

  19. Kampala has at long last received redemption in Musisi.
    From the time Nyakana confronted Nema Officials who were going to demolish a house he had built in a swamp you would clearly see that he is an illiterate city dweller.
    He and his Nalongo need not not much from a relative in the portfolio of trade minister Kyambadde but counseling.
    However, just near centenary park, we need further demolitions at the garden city and the golf course hotel, then we shall have balanced justice. All the best

  20. when a contract is breached – like was the case; KCCA had the mandate take over the park. I dont see why they had to negotiate. Keep up the good work reequired of your office Jennifer.

  21. Bravo Musisi, keep up the spirit! That’s the power of a well paid civil servant. And only if all civil servants were paid like her then surely Uganda would have been differently beautiful.

  22. Musisi is too inhuman, how far can she go and she is all the time surpressing the lord mayor’s powers

  23. now thats what i call services,please give us a modern city
    may God guide you the right way MUSISI .
    Bravo Musisi hw i wish we had pple like in the past 15 years i wld probably be happy to talk abt the kampala, but right now am not am ashamed of friends coming in and see what i call my capital city,musisi go ahead and do us a better change, and i hope those evil selfish minded ugandans dont stand in your way of service,

  24. Country men,

    We are all wasting a lot of our beautfiful moment, the solution is one, all of us think that Kampala is every thing.

    We need to rellocate the capital to Jinja, its pretty planned and there is lots of redundant spaces for future development. Therefore parliament, Bank of uganda, state house, the airport should be set up first and we plan slowly so that no body should tempt to loose any property.

    We need to draw examples from countries which did the same. Are u aware that a country which is less than one year old ( South Sudan) is much more organised now and planned well than Kampala.

    So brothers and sisters lets think twice before we act. To me Mummy Jennifer Musisi can work better as ED for anew city under construction rather than that one which is already crippled.

    God bless.

  25. I would like to hear Amelia speak out on the rough treatment of Col Besigye. Why the selective concern?

  26. i dont mind enforcing the law but when well educated proffesional police officers like kaweesi allow policemen to act with impunity then i wonder in which civillised society does he belong to, do we still have clubs like rugby press or officer mess as we used to have in the past ?

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