Wanted UN Masquerader Arrested

Ronald Nahabwe,

Justine Ayebazibwe

&Milton Tumusiime

Ndabahika talking to his wife at Kiira Road Police (Photo by Justine Ayebazibwe)

Police have arrested the most wanted top trickster, Collins Ndabahika, who has been conning envoys masquerading as a UN diplomat based in Entebbe.

On his arrest, Ndabahika was found to have changed his identity to Daudi Zakaria, which he has been using to steal and con the diplomats and tourists from Europe pretending that he works with UN to provide security to visiting dignitaries.

He used to ask the diplomats to pay money to him for their safety around the country during their tours upcountry and tourism sceneries.

Due to public outcry over his tricks, Ndabahika had been in hiding until Friday when he was traced from his rented room in Kololo Villa Guest House, opposite Amnesty International diplomats’ rented residence.

Police allege that he broke into the diplomats’ rooms as they had gone to the field and stole a laptop, digital camera, 12500 Pounds and Shs100, 000U not knowing that they had inbuilt camera which was recording him.

He was later arrested in Bukoto in a hired saloon car in possession of 90 car keys, a bunch of keys to a  Five Star hotel, South African and Sierra Leone passports, a microchip and a satellite cell which he has been using to trace all the diplomats that enter into the country and where they stay so as to track the down and rob them.

He confessed to have been engaged in the illicit trade without being nabbed for more than 10 years and that because he had changed his names, it has been hard for the diplomats that he robbed to trace him.

According to Kiira Road, Walugembe, more than 45 diplomats have already called in from Europe ready to testify how much they have lost in Ndabahika’s hands. He will be produced in court after the investigations are complete.







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