Police Brutality Killed FDC Spokesman – Ex MPs


By Our Reporter


2.L-R Ex-MP Angiro, Otto,Late Omara and Adoko before the Lira chief magistrate Gabriel Nyipir In November last Year

Two former Lango Members of Parliament (MPs) on Thursday revealed that Police brutality was responsible for the death of Patrick Omara Anyeke the former Lango FDC party spokesperson. Charles Angiro Gutmoi (Erute North), Isha Otto Amiza (Oyam South), late Omara Anyeke and Mike Adoko were arrested in November 2011 during a demonstration against persistent UMEME power outages in Lira town. The protestors were allegedly brutally tortured, and caned by the then security operatives from Rapid Response Unit under Uganda Police Force. Otto says the police caused the death of Omara since both physical and psychological pain was inflicted on them. They therefore revealed they shall drag the police institution, some individuals that participated in torturing them to court to pay a compensation of Shs500m. The suspects claimed they had appeared in court in over 20 sessions but the state was not able to deduce evidence therefore the case had become like a joke.
Otto added that due to the delays, their colleagues died without hearing the judgment against him. The anti UMEME power outages protestors were saying this after being acquitted of the charges of organising an unlawful assembly and inciting violence. While presiding over the case on Thursday, the district chief magistrate Mohammad Kasakya dismissed the case after state had failed to present witnesses to testify.
The dismissal followed an appeal by Otto to court saying the case had dragged on without hearing since November 2011 and that state had not presented any witnesses against them. Court also ordered for a quick refund of the Shs20m which the group had paid as cash bail.



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