After Kololo,Army To Refurbish Uganda Railway

Following  the Elevation of the special forces group into a command,the Uganda people’s defense forces is about to see another brigade turned into a specialised Unit.

 The UPDF engineering brigade is set to become an Engineering core of the Army,which according to the army Spokesman Col.Felix Kulaigye will go a long way in enabling the army serve the Nation better especially in times of disaster, citing the Bududa landslides, col kulaigye said the engineering core will be able to respond and provide asistance quickly.

This engineering brigade was also charged with the reconstruction of the Kololo independence ground where the Nation celebrated its Golden jubilee last tuesday and following the success of phase one of the project, the Engineering Brigade has been given the mamoth task of rebuilding the western and North western section of the Uganda railway,and col kulaigye says they have spent a year building capacity in that direction and the project kicks off early next year.

2 thoughts on “After Kololo,Army To Refurbish Uganda Railway

  1. Let it be called ‘UNS’ or Uganda National Service with mandate to train willing school leavers in ‘vocational’ fields such as road works, bridge and house construction, carpentry, mechanics and disaster management. I would willingly offer my expertise in this field.

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