Besigye’s Son Meets Secretary Albright

Anselm,13, meets Secretary Albright

While Ugandan opposition leader Col. Kiiza Besigye was busy battling the Ugandan police in Kampala over his walk to freedom protests, thousands of miles away, his son was meeting former US Secretary of State Madeline Albright.

The 13 year old Anselm Besigye who lives with his mother, former Mbarara Municipality MP Winnie Byanyima in the US met Albright at Women’s Leadership event in New York where he had accompanied the mom. Winnie is the Director for Gender at the United Nations.

An obviously star-struck Winnie, immediately tweeted the moment away: “Anselm, my 13 year old meets Secretary Albright, NDI Chair, at a Women’s Leadership event. Says he believes in equality.” End of tweet.

Albright who served U.S President Bill Clinton is the chairperson of the National Democratic Institute, a non profit, non partisan and non governmental organization that  has supported democratic institutions and practices in every region of the world for more than two decades. NDI, according to its web profile, has since its founding in 1983 strengthened political and civic organisations, safe guarded elections and promoted citizen participation, openness and accountability in government.

“With Anselm talking ‘equality,’ her father fighting for freedom back in Kampala, this could be the family to watch in the near future,” a Forum for Democratic Change ( FDC) party activist told Red Pepper Online.

6 thoughts on “Besigye’s Son Meets Secretary Albright

  1. Besigyes son is in the US enjoying a good and comfortable life tats why he is in Uganda disorganising people and causing commotion to the poor people who are looking for money to feed their children. I wonder when Ugandans will realize that these guys are not really fighting for a cause but they do it so their children can stay longer abroad in the name of them not being safe at home. Besigye God is watching you, you won’t succeed!

  2. If you had hope in the Besigye home, possibly put it on his son, who also has been brought up from outside Uganda, and such children have always proved un able to catch up with the harsh realities of Less developed states, or else, for Besigye, he is in his last days of poliltical activism, as either Mugisha Muntu or Nandala Mafabi taking over FDC, therefore, the near future for the Besigye family in the politics of Uganda has been over taken by events.

  3. Yes, i love this young and courageous people like him, there you can count on him than breast feeding some of our children of what to do for their life, join me here and there so that your life becomes ok, but let us teach our children to decide for themselves other than following your way of doing something, if am doctor it does not necessarily mean my children should be doctor or if am a general, it does not necessarily mean my children should also be a general ok,so this is a culture of bright family


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