Besigye’s W2F Goes To Norway

Kizza Besigye

REPORTS HAVE come in showing Besigye’s Walk to Freedom protests are going to be discussed by Ugandans living in Diaspora at a public political debate in Oslo, the Norwegian capital.

The pro-FDC website which is called ugandancorrespondent. com says that the Africa Centre for Information & Development (ACID) is the one organising the debate which the website say “will provide a platform and facilitate dialogue to analyse the linkages between the Arab Spring and African democracy — with an eye on the implications for governance norms on the continent over the next several years.”

The topics for discussion at the Oslo conference include: The Arab Spring: Experiences from Tahrir Square (Egypt); Women’s voices on the Arab Spring: How to enhance women’s emancipation and empowerment in Africa; The role of the mass media and civil society organisations in enhancing democratic change; The ‘Walk to Work & the Arab Spring: Civic protests in Uganda; The Occupy Wall Street movement and the Arab Spring: An alternative to Capitalism? The debate will take place on October 19 on Friday at P-Hotels, Grensen 19, Oslo from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

The website shows the speakers will include: Professor Abdoulaye Bathily Senegalese Politician and the Secretary- General of the Democratic League/ Movement for the Labour Party (LD/MPT); Sam Akaki Founder and executive Director of the Democratic Institutions for Poverty Reduction in Africa (DIPRA) & International Envoy representing Uganda’s main Opposition FDC party in the UK and European Union; Ms. Rainatou SowFounder & Executive Director of Make Every Woman Count (MEWC), UK; Hisham Fouad Leader, Revolutionary Socialists of Egypt and Peter Hudis Lecturer, Oakton Community College, USA.

Sources say Sam Akaki is the one behind this website which always has exclusives on FDC. It’s not clear if Besigye will attend the debate in Norway. The website adds that “Frequently overlooked in is the fact that that sub-Saharan Africa has been experiencing its own democratic surge during this time with important advances in Guinea, Côte d’Ivoire, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Zambia, and the “Walk-to-Work” protests in Uganda.

4 thoughts on “Besigye’s W2F Goes To Norway

  1. Democracy is nebulous, just a mirage. Since independence every regime in Uganda has said it is entrenching democracy. Politicians should stop deceiving people with high sounding words. With the level of poverty, how can we talk about democracy? Even the politicians shouting about it are using it as euphemism to getting power. Whoever is in power proclaims he/she is pursuing democracy, whoever is out of power claims he is fighting for democracy! And the reason people get to power has nothing to do with the high sounding ideals they espouse like democracy. No, democracy is when power gives you wealth. We know that there are wealth states where democracy is unheard of. When did you last hear of elections in Saudi Arabia or the UAE? Or here at home, why is Kabaka Mutebi popular and yet he was not popularly elected nor have we had any chance to vote for any member of the Lukiiko. Give us food, water, electricity, health services, market for our produce- then go shout your democracy. Good deal!!!

  2. if its to work in Africa it should be discussed in Africa. Waste time in Norway, when we the people are here at home!! Thats why FDC has been slow at achieving grassroot recognition. Failure to understand “who votes”, its the Ugnadans.

    Such discussions in the Western world worked in the past but today, debate it here at home and give the imapct.

  3. When someone decides to walk for freedom when he drives around freely, runs his businesses freely, participates in an election and loses freely, goes to court and loses freely means that there is something up his sleeve!
    Here we are talking about an elected govt by the majority of the people of Uganda. Much as the opposition is active both in parliament and other spheres, i am not in the know of where his is not free!
    You know when he walks freely on the streets, some lumpen join him for causing disorder and the common man ends up losing property or life.
    Who has more rights than the others in our free country. The police tries to bar him from walking in order to create peace for us the commoners.
    Dr. Besigye can decide to walk from Kasangati but away from the city and i bet no one will stop him. Let him be mindful of other city users who have gone to the city to do serious business.
    Those debating should have this in mind!

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