Marburg Feared In Kampala

The deadly Marburg virus is likely to hit Kampala city center. This was revealed yesterday by the Minister of Health, Christine Ondoa, at a press conference at Uganda Media Center.

The statistics she gave were very clear that the fatal contagion is already in town. Ondoa said that so far six people have been succumbed to the disease with four testing positive.

Health experts are also monitoring 196 contacts (patients) in Rukungiri, Kabale, Ibanda and Kampala districts, plus one put under isolation in a  facility in Kabale and another in Mulago.

She said that 29 people including relatives of the affected and health workers are under surveillance here in Kampala while their blood samples were taken to Uganda Virus Research Institute, in Entebbe, for further tests.

When asked her how safe the city is, the polite Minister responded that she wouldn’t want to arouse fears because the Ugandans not recovered from the ‘Ebola tragedy’.

Foreign Experts Fly In
A team of health experts from Center for Disease Control (CDC) based in Atlanta USA will jet in next week to back up the local expertise on bringing the tragedy to an end.

(Additional Reporting by Nicholas Mwesigwa)

4 thoughts on “Marburg Feared In Kampala

  1. Recently ebola now murburg, what is happening? Is God punishing UG for its sins of corruption, killings, sexual immorality etc. We need committed repentance so that God may heal our land of these horrible tragedies.

  2. Our God is a loving God and he can not let anything bad happen to us, Ugandan leaders just let the door open for the devil to take control. All we have to do as citizens is to call upon his name for better leaders. Genuine God fearing leaders not fake.

  3. This is another way of population control. use of disease in biological warfare has proved effective it will disappear after sometime.

  4. what has gone wrong to our country,all kinds of diseases,sijui Ebola,mar burg,nodding disease. i didn,t know anything about these diseases before 1980s but they have now
    become rampant.

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