Former VP accuses state of Negligence.


As Ugandan members of parliament continue to react to the Arson attack on the home of one of their own, buyaga East Member of parliament and chairman of the Presidential Affairs committee Hon. Barnabas Tinkasiimire, the country’s former vice president and kakiri MP, proffesor Gilbert Bukenya has also weighed in, accusing the state of negligence and failing to protect people and their properties.

Speaking at parliament, Bukenya who has become increasingly critical of the NRM government since he was dropped as the country’s number two asked where police was when unknown arsonists torched the home of the tough talking MP who had already reported to police that he was receiving threats,injuring his first wife and her niece.

However Eng Hillary Onek said that police is currently overstretched and can not be everywhere but they are trying to protect all Ugandans.
Currently Uganda’s police staffing falls below the internationally recommended standards of one policeman for every 500 people.

3 thoughts on “Former VP accuses state of Negligence.

  1. The problem with the Ugandan Police especially their head Kayihura is that they are bent on protecting the NRM regime’s interests other than the people whom they are mandated to protect. You find over 100 police Officers at the constitutional square doing nothing purportedly guarding the site yet p’ple are not being taken care of. Shame that the who internal affairs minister can say that the police is over stretched!!! Do the right deployment sirs otherwise you will answer for your sins someday.

  2. The police were sleeping in Kasangati where they were deployed for mosquitoes to eat them. If Besigye without any wrong motives can but guraded 24/7 can dodge the police, what about the arsonists? So the question that where was the police gets its best answer.

  3. They police is badly or irregularly deployed.When it comes to ‘walk to…business’,the Police authorities seek help from the military,like wise if the police cannot handle security of an MP who has reported,they should deploy two military police men.

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