FUFA President Tells Haters To Back Off

FUFA president Lawrence Mulindwa has said he will not resign. Speaking at a FUFA Press Conference, Mulindwa said : ‘I am not going anywhere. I will not allow selfish people to take over’. He added: ‘”Remember even Cameroon, Egypt & Senegal have not qualified. I cant look at myself as a failure.’

Mulindwa is under pressure after Saturday’s 9-8 loss to Zambia on post match kicks at Namboole Stadium.
But he will not resign — even if his employers want him out. He said: “They must tell me why I should do it.”

An unusually calm Mulindwa, preferred to talk about what the future holds, elaborating his plan to take Uganda to the finals saying ‘we are almost there’ despite early morning arrests of protestors at FUFA offices in Mengo.
“For those who love the game, the future is very bright, since we have come very close to qualification and we should also appreciate that this has been a transition period,” Mulindwa echoed.

On the pressure ignited by City lawyer Fred Muwema to resign, Mulindwa shrugged off the suggestions as mere trash.
“I have heard from several people and some people who put on facebook that – Mulindwa resign. This kind of cowardice, I don’t think it helps us as Ugandans. If you want to challenge the person face him if you have the capacity,” he said.

“Me if I am about to resign, I will give Ugandans about one month. That’s not how I do things to wake up in the morning and then I say I have resigned. Things are not done like that one. Then you will be a weak leader,” Mulindwa said.
“I am an elected president; I am accountable to the assembly. People are talking that there is pressure, which pressure. Me I am not on pressure. I am planning for the next game.”

Mulindwa, who preferred to use parables, idioms and proverbs said of Muwema as someone who in fact has a tainted image referring to the case of tobacco growers in Bunyoro who dragged the self appointed interim FUFA president to court recently.
“His accounts would have been frozen because that is a case of my fans who would have easily come and watched the game. Where does he get the moral authority to talk about money?”

“You should not be fooled by anybody. I tell you. FUFA is not a hideout for bedbugs.”
“People are mourning that we did not qualify, then the night dancers, they have not even buried somebody but they are dancing. These are night dancers.

Now what did they lose? First of all they wanted us to lose. They celebrated, we did not qualify. Now where are they getting the guts?
“I am not going. When you annoy me that I go, I am not going anywhere. So that is not an issue. Me I will not allow self seekers to take over our football. It’s not about the sponsors and the rest it’s about protecting the image of football.

Meanwhile FUFA has promised to release figures from Namboole game on Friday this week. While addressing the journos FUFA finance chief Patrick Kimuli confirmed his office was still tabulating the figures that will be made public very soon. “We will have the accountability released to Ugandans at an appropriate time. Right now i am asking all the football lovers to stay calm,” said Kimul.

22 thoughts on “FUFA President Tells Haters To Back Off

  1. I am not saying you should resign but it is absolutely wrong to compare your self (Uganda) with other countries, whether they have been stars before, just because Egypt, Cameroon and Senegal have not qualified does not mean Uganda has the right to fail to go to S. Africa.

  2. ‘”Remember even Cameroon, Egypt & Senegal have not qualified. I cant look at myself as a failure.’ complete b**l s**t. how can you compare yourself to the powerhouses of african football. They have won everything, you have won nothing. Even if they went a year without qualifying. Sebo just leave, you had a chance countless times to prove yourself. If you want to leave the Laurent GBagbo way, wait for it.

  3. Mulindwa fair enough Cameroon, Egypt & Senegal have not qualified. But UGANDA its been over 34 years make it now 37. If you look at Cameroon, Egypt & Senegal squads there is not tribalism like the Uganda teams where by the players have to base within the central region. in fact most the best players from the Uganda Cranes don’t even come from the central region. David Obua must be laughing at you big time.

  4. Thats the problem with Uganda. Leadership is not a job but its about ideas and if u’ve failed for all this time give chance to other people if they can make some changes. If you are a good leader then lead by example other than teaching the other leaders who will follow that even if you are failing to deliver you have to stick in power. God bless my Country!

    1. Mulindwa just back off and leak your wound. you have created unfavourable atmosphere within the team and we shall continue loosing games as long as you are the president.The problem with our leaders are failing to tell wether people still need you or not.

  5. Leave Mulindwa alone. It takes time for foot ball to develop. We shall qualify when Mulindwa has left. Our boys really played well but fate made us fail to qualify. We need to develop foot ball from lower levels. FUFA does not nurture talent. They pick on one who has shown up. That is the problem. Like in Kiprotich’s case, Uganda did nothing to develop his talent. in fact Kenya helped him more than Uganda and all of us are proud now. Let us learn to invest in future success.

  6. Soccer is soccer, remember penalties r 50, 50 chances. There is always next time. If u believe in God, he has better plans 4 our Soccer ( try and fail but never fail 2 try ). Lets think of a bigger catch thus, uganda qualifying 4 world cup. For God and our soccer.

  7. Its total shame to Ugandans that with all the support we have given to the nation team n fufa they come out to say they don’t have any pressure at all we had sleepless night waiting for the bobby Williamson was eating excessively enlarging his belly each coming day to the extent that it cdnt fit in his suit and for Mulindwa am sorry for him he has been a failure n should leave us alone

  8. Pls 4 de sake of de game just resign other wise we are gonna de-campaign u not ever go 2 watch cranes games till u resign.

  9. If all this has been done they why are we not able to deliver. Let him engage other people for better advise then if he is not wiling to give room.

  10. I played with Massa in Jinja first division and there were players who were more threatening than Geoffrey but I wonder what the scouts in the Uganda’s Fufa are up to. If you go to Jinja and mention the name Muzeyi Franco among the soccer fraternities in the entire district. Every one will tell you his story. even massa knows him better but that is a talent that has gone unnoticed. So I wonder how we are going to build local soccer with out noticing such talents.

    1. Muzahuzi Thanks that’s my point to being with.Fufa only looks at central region based players rather than traveling across the country. In fact they should bring back football at district level, where by each district has a team. And top prices are given to the best team.With good endorsements. Look at when an international artists come to Uganda how many top companies want to support them. But yet Uganda football if over looked. There are a lot of talented players across the country i wish Fufa would be more open.

  11. This massage should go to all Ugandan, uganda cranes played very well and since my birth that is the best level in africa cup.But still same question to ask.Why did you increase charges? mulidwa FUFA is not your first place of work if not so return that money to the owners. DO NOT MAKE UGANANISE TO BE YOUR BUSINESS.

  12. In 1970s did Uganda make it to finals because Mulindwa was there?? No!!
    In 9os and 2000s Uganda has failed to qualify because Mulindwa and others have been there.
    If others have left who is he to say “I WILL NOT LEAVE” Uganda Cranes belongs to Uganda not to one Mulindwa!! So Uganda MUST do some thing to save the national team.

  13. Here comes this Mulindwa man again when in Uganda should people learn to take responsibility? Remember this is the same man who promised to take us afcon seven years ago and here he is assuring us that he is not leaving! He & co. plus Bobby should pack up and go period!!! what nationality is this man Booby! oh sorry Bobby he should take a leaf from his Countrymen. As for me am done with cranes matches until these thugs go. We are the one keeping them there with our money we give them

  14. Its nice to hear peaple fighting to eat, please avoid using Ugandans to fight your eating battles. we need able leaders to work together, I would so much support a team of all those fighting if they can reconcile and forge a collective way forward for national interest. Is any body out there who can reconcile those fighting for “rice” so that they can work for national interests?

  15. we thank mr. Mulindwa for what he has done. but i think we should give other people people chance. Good he has a club, let him take his vision there. not that i care, but am happy about what his fellow businessman Baryamureba has done. he is calling people cowards for not confronting him and rather resort to facebook, let him tell police to get off the Mengo Fufa premises and we see who is a coward

  16. There is no shame in losing to African Champs on sudden death penalties.
    It goes to show that if the Cranes make it to the Nations Cup, the can actually win the whole thing.

    Personally I think Bobby needs help from better local coaches than Jackson Mayanja is providing.

    Send Mayanja on a refresher course, hire Timbe or someone else for the World Cup and see the Cranes go to Brazil. With friendlies ofcourse.

    A friendly away with S. Africa, should be easy to snag now. Followed by one away with Nigeria (they’ve just played Liberia) and maybe Zimbabwe or Sudan.

  17. Dear we are sorry you are a key figure for break down for ugandan foot ball killing the efforts of bobby, you are involving ugandan football in politics, you dont give time for bobby to select his players of quality choice you have virus of segregation so for this reason you are fraustrating the efforts of bobby you made players to resign stupidly so it is better you leave to so

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