Muntu Beats Nandala In Poll

General Mugisha Muntu could be the next Forum for Democratic Change president, according to the latest opinion poll. In a latest opinion poll by Research World International, an independent global research company, Muntu is well ahead of his opponent Nathan Nandala Mafabi. Muntu scored 49% to Mafabi’s 25% in the opinion poll while MP Geoffrey Ekanya trails with just 3%.

However, poll findings confirm there remains an undecided 23% – if wooed could tilt the contest in any candidate’s favour. According to the research firm boss Dr Patrick Wakida, FDC delegates were asked: “if elections were held today, who would you vote for FDC presidency?”
Majority delegates said Muntu had showed a higher sense of maturity and care for the party in the campaigns. That aside, most delegates said the party would remain stronger after the polls.

This poll, by Research World International was commissioned between 25th September to 3rd October 2012 with the aim of assessing the opinions of the FDC delegates about the ongoing party primaries to choose the leader of FDC, reveals Muntu will succeed Col Kizza Besigye cum next month.  Research World International designed and implemented a Public Opinion Telephonic Survey to assess the opinions and drivers of choice for the FDC leadership. Of the total sample of 500 delegates, 445 were talked to and their opinions sought. This poll is given with a margin of error of +-2.

Download  Final Poll Report here.

(Reporting By Claude Muhigirwa)

6 thoughts on “Muntu Beats Nandala In Poll

  1. Gen. Muntu if is the one, then know that the next president will be him. People were tied of Dr. Besigye and his way of fighting wars with Pres. Museven. which Muntu can’t do. we need a peaceful hand over of power not wars again. God bless Gen. Muntu.

  2. Let FDC show that there can be internal party democracy and NRM will follow their example. Remember in the United States, Obama stood against Hillary Clinton and even when Obama won, he made her the Secretary of State. There had been alot of mudslinging in the party primaries. So, Muntu and Mafabi will or should still work together despite the outcome of the polls.

  3. Am also supporting the polls Muntu is far away in as far as modern politics is concerned, not these yang ash politicians such as nandala who thinks of dividing people. FDC needs muntu much more than mafabi and even besigye who has personal conflict instead of dressing the problems of ugandans.

  4. Qualities of agood leader are what you talk,reasioning capacity,tolerance listening,accomodative others views so guess who has such?????

  5. i have never voted due to the un democratic, corrupt, and imbalanced type of leadership NRM has persistently demonstrated for the past many years of its leadership!! but i promise you as long as the Calm Muntu beats the arrogant Mafabi then i will undoubtedly cast my vote!! b’se uganda needs Muntu more than a football team needs a captain!!

  6. 1 want to educate this Doctor called Wakida on facts that delegates will consider and why his polls are manipulated to benefit his candidate and why Hon Nandala will win come 22nd Nov. These FACTS on the ground.
    1. If Dr Besigye is going to stand in 2016, then Muntu’s chances are next to none because no delegate in their right mind will want to see two westerners running FDC.
    2. Do you think women have fared well under the NRM dominated by westerners? and do you really think they will go ahead and elect another westerner who was part of NRM bush war.
    3. Nandala has demonstrated for all to see what he can do. Do you really think that women delegates are that dumb to elect someone just because he is gentle and good looking.How can appealing to women mobilise grassroot votes in 2016 and has Muntu just turned handsome and gentle all of a sudden?
    4. Like it or limp it, it is time for the EAST to lead Uganda. Nandala is from the East and has all the qualities of a good leader. (Wise man from the East)
    5. With people like Nabila who is on Muntu’s team reminding us that people from accross the Nile are still being studied and examined, it will shows the delegates the true colours of Muntu FDC. To them it is not all about capability but which side of the Nile you come from.

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