Kadaga Defends Uganda on Gays

The Speaker of the Parliament, Ms. Rebecca Kadaga, took Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird to task at the 127th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Quebec City on Wednesday for his remarks criticizing Uganda’s ban on same-sex “marriage.”

Kadaga told off Mr Baird and reminded him that Uganda was neither a colony nor protectorate of Canada and as such her sovereignty, societal and cultural norms were to be respected.

“If homosexuality is a value for the Canadian people,  that’s not a problem for us, that’s its issue, but one shouldn’t force Ugandans to accept homosexuality because we’re not Canadian citizens,” Kadaga said to loud applause from parliamentarians from African and Arab countries at the IPU conference.

“Ignorance and arrogance, that is how I would describe Mr. Baird,” Ms. Kadaga said in an interview, adding that her government’s does not promote violence against gays. “This is a very high level of arrogance for him to attack my country.”

“To say that we would invite the President of Uganda to officiate the wedding of two gays, that would not happen in Uganda,” Ms. Kadaga said.

Kadaga accused Baird of harboring a “colonial attitude” towards African nations and interfering in her country’s internal affairs, after Baird, in an address to the Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), denounced Uganda for violating gay rights and oppressing homosexuals.


Kadaga claimed that Canada refused to grant entry visas to most Ugandan parliamentarians, and that she was prevented from making a presentation at the conference by the organizers, due to Uganda’s ban on same-sex “marriage.”

Baird cited the brutal murder of homosexual activist David Kato as an example of the dangers faced by open homosexuals in Uganda. Kato died after being bludgeoned to death by a homosexual prostitute whom he failed to pay for his services. However, his murder has been widely cited by homosexualist activists as a case of “anti-gay” violence.

In 2005, the Ugandan Parliament adopted a constitutional amendment that criminalized same-sex “marriage” and specified that “marriage is lawful only if entered into between a man and a woman.”


21 thoughts on “Kadaga Defends Uganda on Gays

  1. Bravo Hon. kadaga we need more courageous people like you who stand for what is right in our society.

  2. Ha whenever Ugandans are pushed towards a corner they cry colonialism! I think its more of inferiority complex than anything else.

    1. @Ssebana,denouncing colonialism can never be a point of inferiority complex,but a struggle to raise African sovereignity amongst global community,And besides, colonialism was the worst experience ever faced in Africa and must be denounced by any sovereign-minded person like Hon.Kadaga!

    2. What corner is it this time friend? And do u understand the term inferioty complex? Let us for once be grateful to the lady.

  3. In my humble opinion, I would gladly vote Rebecca Kadaga for presidency instead of M7, I bet M7 would never come up boldly in such a fashion had he been the one directly confronted by those goons…!! Brove honourable Kadaga….!!!

    1. Mr.Mukalazi,

      We need strong leaders who have all qualities of a good leader not only a simple remark and we get a leader like that.

  4. All of us Africans are called to fight gayism in Africa. We don’t care if they stop donating to us because we have to embraced their ideologies. In fact the parliament of the republic of Uganda should pass a law to have gays put on firing squad once caught. Don’t allow Africa be put to shame. The y took our grand father into slavery now they come to spread gay ideologies here in Africa. No way.

  5. we’re ahead of neo-colonialism, let the Canadians face God’s punishment alone like that of Sodom and Gomorrah but not with Uganda. big ups to our lady Kadaga

  6. There is no way such gay acts can be promoted in Uganda or Africa at large in fact,if there was any president in Africa that supports such behavior that one should be voted out by his people.We need people like Hon Kadaga who can stand tall against such evil however we cant also fail top a appreciate President Museveni he also has never supported them.

  7. The west still thinks it can control our lives and how we should manage them, do you know how many of our children have been affected by this western behavior.
    Big’up Speaker Kadaga. According to the Bible, u are right and that is what matters, the rest is trash.

  8. That was a small experience for Kadaga’s clout. More to do with the Canadian minister’s over-zeal to expose his lack of touch with the ground.

    1. Big up Madam Kadaga! That is a divine direction! Uganda (Africa) belongs to God, All Africans should reject Homosexuality at all costs.

  9. Great Job Kadaga,
    We must be a people known for our values that stem from standing with God’s righteousness! Such shud be the stand for Africans, The west must know this. In God we stand as Ugandans not in ‘human rights’ ideas. We acknowledge there are homosexuals in Uganda, just as there are thieves, but that does not mean we should condone the act! It is Sin!!

  10. Well done Madama Rebbecca Kadaga,

    u have made us all proud,Africa needs such leaders who will not bend low to any crap from western countries, actually we dont even need their aid if its conditional to sell our children into homosexuality, God will raise up other nations (China) who will be our allies without necessarily putting unfavorable conditions. “would he be alive if one of his parents were to be gay?” we should stop the devil’s scheme of depopulating the earth through such weird marriages… …. GO KADAGA………GO KADAGA….. u did us proud….

  11. Bravo Madam Kadaga,
    Uganda is acountry with culture and governed by God not the west. They should leave our country alone, we can manage ourselves without them. thnx kadaga n mr. President

  12. Many thanks Hon. Kadaga.He spoke recklessly against a God fearing Nation(Uganda the Pearl of Africa) and God will punish Canada just like Egypt.We as Ugandans demand for an immediate apology from him and the Canadian gov’t lest we shall go on the street and walk to the Canadian embassy.

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