K’la in Panic, security Beefed Up


security in Uganda’s capital kampala has been beefed up and many of the connection routes closed ahead of Walk To freedom demonstrations, organised by the opposition leaders.

While many of the businesses in the capital remain closed, the political planners of the demonstration have been barred from leaving their homes.

President of Uganda’s biggest opposition party FDC Col (RtD) Kizza Besigye has also been blocked from leaving his Kasangati home.

“I don’t know why they are not letting me go. I have businesses to attend to.  i have asked for an explanation but they are not giving it to me,” Besigye told Red Pepper online.

Masaka Municipality MP Mathias Mpuuga , who is the brain behind mobilising other politicians has also been blocked from leaving his Mutundwe home, a Kampala suburb.
Interestingly, among politicians that have been blocked include legislator Mohammed Nsereko, Kampala central MP and a member of the ruling party NRM.
” The police patrol vehicle is right on my gate, and i don’t know why. I didn’t even know about these demonstrations!” Nsereko said in a telephone interview with us.

We shall keep you updated as the story unfolds .



Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago and Mathias Mpuuga who were arrested have been released and cautioned by police over their actions.

Their release comes after the former main Opposition leader Kiiza Besigye was rounded off in Kisseka market.

Besigye escaped from police through the boot of his car from his home in Kasangati early this morning. Police looked for him but to no avail only to be told that he was in Kisseka market. Teargas and live bullets are rocking the area. He is currently detained at Central Police Station Kampala.


13 thoughts on “K’la in Panic, security Beefed Up

  1. well the opposition should realise that democracy cant be achieved thru demonstrations here in uganda, they are a pain. the best is a revolution the libya, egypt style, Kony style has failed. Otherwise wait for the year 2500AD when all NRM grand kids are gone and it will be ur time. so with cheap tear gas u cant be a much in today’s uganda

  2. How i wish the likes of Besigye, Lukwago and mpunga, actions affect the masses who want to work and earn a living ! Their demonstrations do not help peasants whom they claim to be working for and caring about! Surely, business and shops closed! for fear of chaos!they should think twice, otherwise pple will turn against them.

  3. These loosers simply want to make headlines again. That’s all they care about. All this talk about majorty of Uganda impovervished though true, is just an excuse for them to make some donor money and be on the front page.

    Oh, who will save us from Besigye and group?

    I wonder why Uganda is still failing to have sensible opposition?

    1. Keak, How do you expect a Normal thing from an Abnormal situation. You sh’d as well be wondering whether there is a sensible government in place.

  4. its radiculous,its like some pple are more ugandans than others,some pple dont deserve some rights,lets pray to the almighty God to bless our motherland, Awangaale ayi bbaffe,nantasongwaamu, nantalinnya mukateebe, natakubirwa ssimu.

  5. It puzzled me to see p’ple monologing that opposition is causing chaos but you have to know that the opposition is using peaceful method not like Museveni who used guns to seize power. and keep it in mind that if you want to get rid of the government which mortgaging the country you must apply all the methods.If the peaceful method fail Syria, Libya style will be applied.

  6. If NRM reckons to be popular with the masses they claim to have voted for them, then let them allow the opposition also reach the masses for advise in that by the time the next elections comes, the opposition would have fully prepared to compete fairly.
    Otherwise, why stop someone seeking voters opinions peacefully?! Let these oppressors revise what fundamental human rights are ie freedom of speech, expression etc.

  7. Besigye, Mpuuga…etc…Twakooooooowa. I do not understand when these hunks will know that we do not believe in them anymore….take it from me. We do not need you …!

  8. Oh Besigye, something is terribly wrong with this man and his group Mpuuga abd Lukwago. GIVE US A BREAK! One really wonders what he is upto!!!!!!

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