Men Leading With HIV- New AIDS Report

Men have been rated number 1 in transmitting and leading with the ‘incurable’ syndrome AIDS a new survey carried out by AIDS commission reveals.

The shocking survey raised eyebrows yesterday at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala, during a workshop of 5th AIDS Review Partnership Forum with a theme. “Re-engaging Leadership for Effective HIV Protection building Stronger Partnership For Joint Action”.

While officially opening the three day workshop, acting Minister of health Dr. Kamanda Bataringaya expressed his shock because the men have now raised the flag in bonking sessions a reason they are now leading with the disease.

The man FROM Bundibujo further expressed his disappointment on how careless men  have resorted to bonking ‘thigh vendors’ live.

He highlighted the major reason men are in the driving seat is because of ‘multiple sexual partners.

“I really don’t understand ourselves, men these days are not contented with what they have, they can’t stick on one lover, or two. They want to have sex with 5 or ten, including commercial sex workers,” he said.

A research carried out by the ministry of health it shows that sex vendors contribute 66% of the infections. Bataringaya further said that men have a  chronicle of tales nowadays of ‘AIDS doesn’t kill’, ‘who isn’t going to die’, ‘every one including the pope will die’.


Earlier the workshop was shrouded with drama when the Minister of Ethics took to the podium and rapped young girls who have embarked on what he called ‘lunch break for sex’. He said co-operate girls these days give out sex for lunch others lie to have gone for lunch when they are enjoying series of live bonking marathons with their bosses for the sake of money, privileges and sympathy.

Statistics have it that AIDS had risen to a crescendo in 1990s by 18% and in 2000s it dropped by 12% but since 2008 it has gradually increased to 7.1 now its on 7.3% leaving high chances of death among the youth.

5 thoughts on “Men Leading With HIV- New AIDS Report

  1. Hi all
    Fellow men that was shocking news for all, ug. gov. tried there best to eradicate the Pademic with various prevention method. Let implements the knowledge we acquired.

  2. Because men believe in combat and dont fear the risk of death, serious consider bringing the law to criminalise deliberate HIV transmission. Thats the language men will likely understand.They dont like empty pockets and dont like working for free in prison uniforms.

  3. The government should put more emphasis on public health and if possible it should form a ministery of public health so that the people should know what is taking place within themselves.

  4. Women too should be sensitized about the pandemic. Its not a one man band. Women of today attach the value of money way too much before their lives. They can not comprehend that the meager ugx 200,000 a man has given her if she is lucky can not treat her for HIV. Men naturally have a desire for sex but women should stand up and tone it down. No condom no sex or else marriage before sex. The alarming economic situation in the country too is a contributing factor..We need divine intervention otherwise there wont be a future generation

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