Musisi Receives Death Threats Over Centenary Park Eviction

Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) Executive Director has received numerous threats on her life following the Thursday take over of the controversial leafy Centenary Park.

Musisi talked to this paper in an exclusive interview on Saturday morning that unknown people were sending threatening messages to her phone warning her that she would die if KCCA did not back off from the park.

The park was a scene of violent confrontation between the KCCA law enforcement and the sitting tenants especially the lease holder, Nnalongo Estates. The KCCA law enforcers were backed by police as the authority sought to take over the park to turn into a green belt.

“The resistance at Centenary Park was expected because ever since KCCA communicated the termination of the Management contract, I and my team have been receiving threats of dealing with us, death threats, threats to burn our homes and property as well as beating us up. I have received personal threats on my phone and through anonymous messages. This is happening almost daily,” she revealed.

“But like I said, we are dealing with a destroyed society. So we pray and plough on,” she added.

The confrontation at the park came to a halt when Trade Minister Amelia Kyambadde intervened and stopped the eviction. She referred to Musisi as terrorist before apologizing to her during a meeting at the KCCA head office.

Kyambadde revealed she had been misled by some of the tenants who reported that the KCCA law enforcement was razing down their structures as well destroying their property.

KCCA terminated the management contract with Nnalongo estates, the park’s lease holder following the latter’s breach of agreement which strictly forbade it from constructing permanent structures on the belt.

Below is the full text of the interview.

Red Pepper: Why are you reclaiming this park?

Musisi: Centenary Park was a green Public park set up to commemorate 100 years of the existence of Kampala City. The lease title held by KCCA indicates the use as a public open space.

KCC entered a management contract with Nalongo Estates to maintain the area as a bridal garden. Under this contract, the place was to be kept open to the public and Nalongo Estates was not allowed to build any structure thereon without authorization from the owner who was KCC. Over the years, Nalongo continuously breached the agreement by building unauthorized structures and closing the park off to the general public. The KCCA Contracts Committee decided to terminate the contract in April 2012 due to these breaches.

RP: But did you have to violently reclaim what belongs to you? The Thursday morning scenes were ghastly!

Musisi:No, not all. During the process of taking possession, the proprietors of Nnalongo Estates mobilized and arrived with a mob which included

Jennifer Musisi

hooligans who according to Police were armed with knives, hammers and iron bars. They are the ones who attacked the KCCA staff who reacted by arresting them. Police reports indicate that of the proprietors, Sarah Kizito, assaulted two KCCA officers leading to her arrest and detention.

RP:  Why is this park such a hot potato at this time?

Musisi: Everything in Kampala is a hot potato. You just need resolve to handle such potatoes otherwise you will never do anything to move Kampala out of the dumps it had fallen into.

RP: There are allegations that KCC is taking it over the park in order to facilitate a fraudulent sale to somebody else. What is the truth?

Musisi: It is the usual Kampala rumor mills grinding away. KCCA is not selling Centenary Park or any other green area in Kampala. At least not when I am still here as the custodian of all KCCA properties. That will not happen.

RP: You are being accused of applying selective justice on this matter. That other structures like Garden City and Oasis Mall are illegally occupying a green belt but are silent on them. Why?

Musisi: The Centenary Park issues are specific to breach of a management contract to manage a particular green area. There are laws governing wetland degradation which are strictly implemented by NEMA as the lead agency and KCCA under its physical planning role. The penalties for degrading range from warnings, restoration orders, prosecution, fines, imprisonment and demolition. They can be applied on a case by case basis after studying permits given, zoning rules wetland boundaries etc. We are looking at all these. It is also important to say that KCCA’s fundamental role is not to demolish buildings but service delivery, regulation and planning for the City as well as Infrastructure development.  Our focus is on these.

RP: Is that green belt so important? Why don’t you let structures come up and employ more people?

Musisi: Green belts world over enable the City to “breathe.” They provide places to absorb surface run off water when it rains, beautify the city and provide recreational areas for the public. So, we definitely need them.

RP: The president has praised you for somehow improving the city. But other Ugandans think you have done nothing. What have you achieved?

Musisi: Even if one were blind at least they would hear or even smell the difference. The city is cleaner and greener than I found it. It is lit up at night. Roads are being repaired and all these initiatives have created jobs for over 4000 cleaners. We have set up community projects, service delivery is more effective and revenue collection for the city has almost doubled. We have also set up a new institution to manage Kampala.

RP: What challenges are you facing?

Musisi: Turning a city that has been degenerated for so many years is not easy. The levels of personal interest, greed, corruption and fraud in matters to do with City Administration is at depressing levels. Funds are limited so we cannot do everything we planned to do. There are also politicians in the city structure who have a very different agenda from that of the technical staff, often making work a challenge. It is an uphill task but we shall eventually win. We have the good will.

RP: Do you have a personal problem with Hon. Kyambadde and Sarah Kizito? Both accused you of being insensitive and a terrorist?

Musisi: I have no personal problems or relationships with either lady or for that matter anyone else we are affecting in this City. I am just executing my duties as accounting officer for KCCA. The accusations, suspicions, threats and personal attacks come with the territory especially because we are dealing with many people who were part of the causes of Kampala’s looting of public property and degeneration in the first place.

RP: In your view, how best should Kampala residents embrace your initiatives?

Musisi: People need to realize that in supporting and working towards redeeming and restoring Kampala, they are not helping Jennifer Musisi, they’re doing it for themselves, their children and their grandchildren. Their investments, properties and businesses will deteriorate as Kampala deteriorates. But they will gain if Kampala improves. So they have a choice.

Kampala residents need to appreciate and be part of the change. For example keeping the city and their homes clean, protecting public infrastructure, protecting the Green environment and participating in city initiatives such as communal cleaning is something they should embrace. They should move from spectating and criticizing in front of TV screens, in the comfort of their living rooms or spending airtime calling radio stations to actually doing something positive about Kampala. No matter how long and how loudly they praise Kigali, or Brussels or Cape Town, they will always be Ugandans and will always be associated to Kampala.

The technical team at KCCA is doing their best amidst fierce resistance. But we need more Kampalans to catch the same vision.

RP: Don’t you fear for your life? These policies are negatively affecting people’s incomes and they could retaliate.

Musisi: Ofcourse. But pray about it. The resistance at the park for example was expected because ever since KCCA communicated the termination of the Management contract, I and my team have been receiving threats of dealing with us, death threats, threats to burn our homes and property and beating us up. I have received personal threats on the phone and through messages, almost daily. But like I said. We are dealing with a destroyed society. So we pray and plough on “

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  1. mmm….. mrs tough lady. Uganda needs more females like her. I now know why she has problems with the mayor. She should indulge herself more in public debates so ugandans can hear and learn from her knowlegde and resolve. I actually disliked her before now but damn me, its politics at work.

    1. Great job Ms Musisi, your actions speak louder than words! Keep up the honourable work, God is on your side, and so am I!

  2. Mrs musisi thax for wrk done.i appreciate yo efforts though u are working in a rotten society.
    But with God’s grace,everything will be ok.One Uganda one Kampala

  3. muisisi you are doing a graet job pliz go ahead and plan for metro kind of transport to decongest traffic jam in kampala.we know that you are being threated but nothing will hapen on you God is with you.for those who may cherish the economical development of china,the cleaness of windhook city in namibia need not to critices musisi,that is what actualy hapen plz if you know that you dont want to be affected comply dugu nyakana its not now politic but law

  4. If anything, this is the time I begin to appreciate the work that woman is doing. Abuja in Nigeria is a beautiful and a well-planned city because a certain mayor did exactly what this lady is doing. Go on…The just live by the truth and are not driven by self-interest! Emu drile!

  5. well they can threaten u for now, they may even kill u but they should remember u ve set the precedent. the next one after u will do the same thing if its a female. Males failed kampala by partitioning it into themselves and their cronies. u ve shown deep resolve to implement what we kampalans want. Next Sunday i ll specifically pray for you. Like u said these are cheap greedy thieves who don’t appreciate what they have amassed from stealing kampala. they want to go to the extent of even putting Kampala into their homes as we look on. FEAR NO ONE BUT YOU!!

  6. Musisi, before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you will be a mile away and you have their shoes.…..

    1. Hi Lady jenniffer I appreciate the good job your doing let no one intimidate you because it`s known from your History in URA your a non sense person go for it let those goons go and hung on a tomato sterm.I would also advise you to contruct the city and suburb roads, plus erase the funny structures like the slums to make kamapla a city one can admire.
      Bravo jennifer You can handle.

  7. musisi ndont worry God is wz u all da tme and u will pass through all dat let who doesnt know just make kerereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 4 nothing.

  8. I am so impressed with the articulations put here forward. Before she looked a devil sent out to clamp on particular individuals and groups but hey, she has got her cake really baked in a hot oven. I do love Uganda and I should love the capital too. Rwanda came up recently but its one of the cleanest cities in the region, every time I get round there, I keep questioning myself what the hell with our CIty Kampala. Now I have some thing to talk of, we are playing catch-up and soon we shall level the ground with other cities.

    Thanks Musisi, THANKS KCCA.

  9. Wel done Musis! Someone has to sacriface if Kampala is to be clean like Kigali just like Jesus did for us sinners BUT it is abard to see highly rated politicians expose themselves. Keep it Musis.

  10. U doin a great job lady MUSISI…Deal is deal.No breach of contract.One thing is clear that Nyakana and his wife have to pay all their former tenants for not telling them the truth about the park.Had they known,they wouldnt have raised serious structures down there.
    That was another kind of{ 419} I THINK SARAH KIZITO AND Co .MAY END UP IN LUZIRA SUPERMAX JAIL INCASE THEY FAIL TO PAY…watch dis space

  11. Musisi should ran a PR campaign to explain KCCA’s work and thwart the politicians who are confusing the masses. Put all those with illegal structures on warning.

    Someone like Nyakaana knows better but is greedy.

  12. I salute you Jennifer,,we are behind you, and will continue to prevail on the small negative forces,, that are part of the past ,, let’s rebuild our city… Keep the spirits high, we admire your courage, determination, and zeal…..

  13. Musisi thax for the good work your doing to clean the rotten city for over 50 years with corrupt officials and many goons, God will protect you and no body will touch on you.

    God protect Musisi.

  14. Miss Musisi, l pray for you everyday. Don’t fear we are behind you and we are many than you know. l support you and please be brave and continue the good work.

    1. musisi whatever yo name is, cant there be work done by yo team without people dieing and others loosing their properties to zero? because they also work 4 them others have loans from banks and such kind of inhuman acts happent to them why shouldnt they call u terrorist?

      1. madam rosa ,what would u have done if u were her,in this era u cannot please or satsfy every one in case u want certain sectors of the economy to develope,how many pple have been thrown off the streets,were are they now ,are they dead? no.we have to keep moving forward if we want our city to look beautiful. kudos to mrs musisi and yo team. may God grant u His endless blessings

  15. Bravo Mrs Musisi, Kampala city needed three ladies like you ,but now that we have only you we are gona give all the support you need keep the candle burning God bless you

  16. At times doing the right thing is hard, but it has to be done. I believe we need to think beyond today and embrace a bright tomorrow. good and healthy living is more than just a job, lets lay the foundation so that our children’s children will enjoy there life in this world…thank you Jennifer i look forward to the day when a church will fast and pray for 7 days for your health, wealth and security. May The Lord greatly reward and keep you, we are with you all the to a fabulous Kampala.

  17. that is wolokoso peddled by Jennifer musisi in order to get public sympathy. for sure am really not happy with the way the low life people are being handled in this city of ours(Kampala) please jennifer learn to be a bit to be polite when dealing with us the poor wanaichi.

    1. Elizabeth, how many low life people are in Centenary Park, is Sarah Kizito a low life fellow? just give Madam Jennifer Muisis a break, if only we had more of her type, the un-bwoggable type!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Wats wat about nakumati ?? i have neva heard her talk abt it yet its in a wetland as she looks at the green area for city to breath let her also clear buildings in wetland so that following water can get where to settle.

        1. there are so many buildings in wetlands, come to think of munyonyo and many more. what are they talking abt them! nothing

        2. banange she said those buildings in wetlands are in the jurisdiction of NEMA..if you want to attack Nakumat and garden city plis take the grievances to NEMA…leave our musisi alone…musisi Oyeee!

    2. People like this so calle Elizabeth nag me to my marrow.. Musiisi is doing a very good job risking her life for the better our children, stop cheap politics and focus.

      1. I have liked your comment Guma…………but to all, Musisi is doing a good job.I have traveled around this world but all cities that grew to greatness had visionary and strong neutral minded leaders like Musis. If you think she is so hard……….then move around this world into other cities which we admire and attest to how they have achieved and maintained their status………..being straight and focused like Musis. Bravo Madam Musis, God keep you safe.

  18. Jenniffer, be strong and carry on with your work we are tired of Ugandans who feel for themselves at the expense of others. Threatening you with death is just intended to pull you back its only God who knows when you will die and what will kill you not these idiots.
    We continue to pray for you as you execute your duties.

  19. good work keep it up in fives years kampala will be a great city.dont fear and continue da good work, you have our support

  20. Go on, go on Jennipher. Let no one detract you. Many people like me are behind you and even if you do not do it the way you are doing it now,someone else will do it sooner or later. Do not fear, have courage and move on.


  21. If Jeniffer was president of this country, we would surely have no thieves occupying governement offices. Keep up the good work Jen. We support you and dont be intimidated. May the good Lord bless you.


  22. jenifer musisi, you are one of the few hard working ugandans.i was in kampala in august and noticed a big positive change.May god help you with your struggle to bring kampala to the level of a city of civilised people.

  23. Hi ms musisi,every time l read your comment you make love more and more. You such an asset to uganda,l will always pray for you. Don’t be scared of people like nay kana and kizito. Funny it not expect kyabadde to come out like that,l met her one and she was talking a lot of sense,but she lost it this time,l tried to call her but her phone is off.jenn please may god bless you in all.

    1. great job done by Mrs.keep up and do not leave a breathing space to those corrupt minded people.who are so myopic in nature,kampala is for us all,and the generation to come.thanks and keep it up,.

  24. I don’t support ‘TARGETED DEMOLITIONS’, It should be that break all illegal Structures no matter who owns them, don’t just target some. But e way u’ re doing madam, i don’t think u’ re even move a mile.

  25. jenifer pray and pray heard other wise your enemies the politician are roaring every where loking for opportunities to swallow you. increase your security bcause i see you as a gift from God to uganda for this years independence. sorry for what happened to MP Tinkasiimire’s family. surely mum as you say those were hooligans collected from some where. may kiseka market.

  26. Please Lord help our nation Uganda get other three duplicate musisi’s to handle the health,judicial and corruption problem in Uganda just like Jenifer Musisi is handleling our derained city. thank you Jenifer.

  27. The police should use all their forensics to get to the bottom of these threats. These cowards should be arrested and brought to book. Mrs. Musisi has every right to carry out her duties without fear for her life, just as any other Ugandan for that matter and what a wonderful job she is doing!

  28. You are a good samaritan who is cleaning peoples mess. Who is not going to die any way, Be strong a few new you and another will come. I would do the same and wait for my day to come. These are not Gods they are actually using empty threats. Did Museven die in Luwero and others. For God and my Country

  29. For Madam Hon. J Musisi all the praise , encourage and prayers has been stated . Your a shining star of Uganda .

  30. Great job Jennifer keep it up we need a clean city don’t wory God is always there to protect you, remember one thing you are a born again. Never allow to be bribed.

  31. Every one is saying “Musisi is doing a fine job for Kampala City”.Well and so good.The truth I despised her from the begining but now she has my respect even though She’s just scratching only the surface of the rot that Kampala is in.Lets pray that She ends up digging deeper all the rot .Give her time and lets hope she doesnt fall in the POTHOLES that comes with the job [corruption and self interest}.

  32. Madam Misisi, you are on the right course, please dont listern to those who are trying to scare you around. so that, they continue doing wrong things and making our city look like a dumping site. Any leader who sticks on his or her principle is always hated by those who dont respect the rules of the game or the law. Let them continue threatining you, but they will not succesed. You are already in the history books of Uganda as someone who have tried to improve and clean the capital city. Our children and grand children will read about you. Just keep the fire burning. The public is behind you, just few who wants to own the city for some reasons well known to them are against you.

    Fellow country men, lets open our eyes and see the bright right, Musisi’s actions are not for a particular political party or to benefit individuals. It is for the better of all ugandans in the country and outside uganda. Our country is known of only bad things, like Amin, Bodaboda, dirty city. Why Uganda????? Its time to do something to show the world that we love our country and we are able to organize ourselves. If we can not do it, and there is an individual like musisi who have shown ability to do it, lets all give her our sole support to achieve her good intentions.

    Its time to wake up and open our eyes, the strong lady is our pointerman.

  33. hey hey gal i hear rose watever yo called ,hahahahahah kyoka banange wat does it feel like someone describing u that way bt ny way .
    ol this ll cme to pass bt in the 1st place wa these pipo told to vacate like on the previous day n the next day destructed or they wa warned earlier on?
    ok we wa olso sorri for there property bt munange we dont knw everything behind the scenes n games that might be involved in that racus bt watever it is ,
    jeny jeny well done n i guess u still ve mo plans sme ov us shd wait to put up our structures kubanga munange hahahhahahhe pipo here r very furious bt well done ye ki enyo we olso need to cme from other countries n tell our friends we r going to kla our city n let a city luk a city pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz let the woman breaaaaaaaaaaaaath eeh

  34. 25 years are too many friend, even today there are those like me who hold madam Jennifer in high esteem and regard. you are great mum. i just wish we had more of your type and determination, Uganda would be celebrating 50 years of independence with great things unlike now, we celebrate with less to celebrate about.
    Bravo madam

  35. It takes a woman to bring sanity back to the city.all previous male administrators failed miserably, simply because of their greed.

  36. Fantastic job mrs Musisi,God is there for you and you should know that development is the order of the day regardless of protest from politicians like mayor and group who seek cheap populality from kampala people .Thanks mrs Musisi.

  37. I will only salute Musisi when she breaks down that part of Mapera house protruding to the road,Speke Resort Munyonyo built in water, Nakumat in wetland and that thing in the wettest land in Lugogo.Otherwise before that,Sebana Kizito had tried to stop such undesired structures but the NRM through their so called RDCs totally frustrated his efforts…MUSISI,go ahead bse your support is in RWAKITURA.

  38. Well-done Mrs.Ssema

    I appreciate the work so far you have done but me as a Ugandan i dont support this issue of selectively evicting/demolishing properties.

    Why demolish this side and leave the other unaffected, for instance here in Naguru kampala parents is in a wetland and same applies to panamera, if its preserving green why cant it be done at ago instead of pin points?!

  39. Musisi, you are doing a great job. Keep it up! All those are not seeing what you are doing because of their selfish interest will soon realize the gold in you as Kampala will continue to shine slowly but surely.

  40. if one has visited other cities in other countries u`ll sure fully support Musisi, we need to respect our city like we respect and praise other cities, she should work on improving our roads after and reduce on traffic jam, may God keep you longer in service.

  41. ,Madam musisi,u are a dare devil in an angels den.If all the dirt is to be cleared un selectively,then the end will justify the beginning.
    Thankx Mussi

  42. For the luck of words …I will summarize by saying:

    I Love you so Much Jeni ..Keep-up the great work and the Lord our God lead, protect and wisen you even more each and everyday

  43. You can see how some Ugandans, knowingly like negativity for their personal benefit. They like fishing in troubled waters (kavuyo) this is why whenever there is an accident instead of saving lives they run to steal whatever has remained. How may people can do what Jennifer is doing? Whoever is against orderliness in the city is like someone who does not mind sharing food with flies. Keep on Jennifer, we support you and pray with you that you be protected from those who hate Uganda.

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