Nantaba’s Woes Far From Over

Newly sworn-in State Minister for Lands, Kayunga District Woman MP Aidah Nantaba, may not enjoy the jubilant mood for long as there are many forces aimed at bringing her down.

Nantaba who was sworn-in yesterday at State House Entebbe along with other ministers almost did not make it after a concerned citizen petitioned court on the matter of her approval.

However, the move to block Nantaba from swearing in as Lands State Minister flopped when the court refused to hear an application by Peter Kibirango.

Kibirango, a lawyer by profession, through Bwambale, Musede & Company Advocates, had sought to stop Nantaba from swearing in as State Minister, pending the hearing and final determination of his constitutional petition seeking to nullify her approval.

In his petition, he challenged the procedure applied to approve Nantaba claiming it was improper and that it also breached provisions of the Constitution.

“The procedure fell below the required standard and out rightly flouted the cardinal constitutional principles,” Kibirango said in his affidavit. He criticized the Parliamentary vetting committee for acting as judge in its own cause and flouted the constitutional provisions and the Parliament Rules of procedure.

Kibirango also accused the Vetting Committee for allegedly abdicating its function and responsibility of protecting and promoting the democratic governance of Uganda under the Constitution.

The Court of Appeal/ Constitutional Court’s Registrar Elias Omar Kisawuzi told the lawyers representing Kibirango that the court could not hear their application because it had been filed late.

“The court is not ready to adjudicate the matter at such short notice. We needed ample time to prepare ourselves for such a matter of that magnitude. Moreover, it would be an academic exercise to entertain the application seeking to stop the swearing in of a person at the very time when the occasion is in progress at State House,” Kisawuzi told the petitioner’s lawyers.

Kisawuzi further told the petitioner and his lawyers that the interest of justice would demand that the petitioner and the Attorney General should be heard together.

However, Kisawuzi assured the petitioner and his lawyers that the court would fix the date for hearing the petition and decide it on its merits when other parties would present their legal arguments.

12 thoughts on “Nantaba’s Woes Far From Over

  1. People have stolen millions but have always remained on d list of cabinet what this lady has done to her fellow legislators deserves an explanation honestly

  2. Who is Nantaba’s husband? I was expecting to have a glimpse of the lucky dude at the swearing in ceremony all in vain

  3. Nantaba God has chosen you and no one will bring you down. Go to the Ministry and meet Migereko and the PS.
    Serve us girl. Show off with a wide smile on the very pretty face! Batesi can go and hang!!
    She’s not educated!! Yet her classmate at Makerere are in Kampala.
    Bad Morals!! Are the people of Kayunga silly to elect a person with no morals??? A well grounded Christian….
    She undermined the appointment’s committee!! Is there a crime in her asking the party chairman to interven in to her case if she was not contented with the judgement of the committee.
    Want wrong did she do when she said big People were trying to grab land in Kayunga???
    So Nantaba’s honesty and standing agaist Bicupuli officals has caused the hate campaign against her??
    Peter Kibirango, go and lick Nantaba feet and ask her for forgive you.

  4. I used to hear that baganda don’t like their fellow tribes mates, now i have conformed it. I haven’t had any person complaining apart from baganda. what has that lady really done?

  5. @stephen does not beat around the bush though 2 u People its the order of the day eg.c the prime minister & his group u just recommend them 2 go on with the looting which is not to Bagand.Nantaba 4 land bonanza in Bugerere 2 cover m7z pipo

  6. for heavens sake give hon.nantaba a chance to serve her country.which offence has she committed to call all this wrath on her.

  7. Congraturations,!!!.they hv tried there best to stop her from getting that position but they hv finally failed.This is a good lesson to all ugandan and expecially the mps that,the nugu can’t take us anywere.

  8. Hon. Nantaba dont get scared by what others say all authority comes from God. He has allowed you to be tested in preparation for the great tasks ahead. Go -go- in Gods name. Let your performance ashame them.

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