THE MURDER case of Panamera waiter Badru Kateregga has taken an interesting twist with more suspects arrested.

Whereas Interpol are hunting for Tycoon Desh Kananura who is said to be hiding in Dubai, his brother Raymond Kananura also implicated in the murder case has gone missing. Onyango, the security officer and Cyrus, a bouncer at Steak Out who had been hired for a night at Panamera on the fateful night have been arrested for allegedly giving a hand to beat up the deceased for Shs10,000 and his counterpart who is still nursing deep wounds for Shs30,000.

It is alleged that when Desh dragged Kateregga behind the bar and started boxing him like a punching bag, security operatives, bouncers and his brother Raymond first witnessed the action and later joined the beating bandwagon.

With the help of the said people, Kateregga was thoroughly beaten, had his both hands and legs tied and then dumped behind Shawama Kitchen. He was ordered to stop yelling. Desh called another waiter Kenneth Kirenzi who is said to have given Kateregga Shs10,000 from the Shs40,000 he had got as a tip from the clients. On being searched he was found with Shs30,000. Asked whether Paren, the bar manager was aware that he had been tipped, he remained mute.

It is at this point that Desh knocked him down and ordered the security officers, Robert and Onyango to ‘punish’ him. The other people who witnessed the beating were one Kazeyi, Desh’ clearing agent and Desh’ driver called Matovu. Present also was Edgar, one of Desh’ relatives who kept cheering in the background. After being undressed and searched, a bank statement of Shs9m was found in his pocket. He was terribly clobbered like a thief and later taken behind Shawana Kitchen where he found Kateregga groaning and gasping for breath like a person about to die.

Shortly, Kateregga brought foam in the mouth and died. When Kenneth was taken to Kiira Police Station to record a statement in the morning, he is the one who told police that though he was badly off, his colleague was killed. It was at this moment that Police went to Panamera Bar and discovered the bruised body and took it to Mulago Mortuary for post-mortem. By the time the cops took the body, Raymond and Desh (in shorts) were relaxing in the Lounge.

Questions Raised

If the two victims had not got the money through a tip and stolen it from Desh’ coffers why didn’t he rewind all the 50 CCTV cameras to find out the truth instead of clobbering human beings like terrorists? After discovering the body at Panamera Bar premises in the presence of the boss, why didn’t police summon/arrest the boss of the bar to record a statement so as to ascertain the truth of the matter? It is said that through his driver Desh just sent an application (asking for a job) of Badru Kateregga to Police claiming that the deceased was not his worker but just applied for a job.

Why did the cops at Kiira Road Police Station rush to open files CRB28/30/2012 and SD28/30/9, 2012 of lighter cases of manslaughter and assault before making deeper investigations into the murder case? Why did police allow Desh and his brother to leave the bar so as to cordon off the structures and declare him on the run the following day? Murder took place on Sunday Morning, that very evening confident Desh and his brother Raymond were seen at Kabira Club in a secret meeting. And it is said Desh fled on Tuesday morning through Malaba boarder, if he was a wanted man as Police claim, why wasn’t he intercepted at the border post before crossing to Kenya? Raymond Kananura, a business partner and a renowned fighter at that bar was neglected.

It’s on record that just three days before the death of Kateregga, Raymond was beaten by two customers Arnold and Edwin whom he provoked. Why is it that Police never bothered to summon him to jot down a statement as it is a norm whenever a dead person is discovered at someone’s premises? The OC of Kiira Road Police Station used to deploy two policemen at Panamera Bar every night to keep law and order. Where were these cops at the time when the waiters were beaten? Why haven’t they been tasked to explain what exactly happened? It is alleged that a Brigadier General very close to Desh sent UPDF soldiers to guard his home (wife and children) in Naguru after it was rumoured that the tycoon fled the country. Is it in order for the soldiers to guard criminals? Could this be the reason why the tycoon always acted with impunity? It is a public secret that Desh owns a pistol (government gun). Did he follow the right procedures to acquire this gun? Bebe Cool has several times been seen frequenting Desh’ home in Naguru and rumour has it that he wants to take-over as a new boss of Panamera Bar. Could he be communicating to the former bosses of the bar?


With all the above questions unanswered it has remained a paradox on why everyone is keeping mute on Desh’ story. However those who know him very well say he will fight to clear his name but the relatives of the victims and general public are hopeful that he will not survive the long arm of law. His colleague who preferred to remain anonymous commented “when you meet a smiling Desh and try to crack a deal with him, you would mistake him for the best and smartest guy to work with.

However, if you entrust him with money to purchase for you a vehicle or property that is when you start to know how dangerous this son of a Mukiga can be. The cases Desh has at the different police stations are quite a number, however his closeness to some of the top security officers both in the police and army has always enabled him to evade justice.” Desh has beaten several people including his other waiters one Robert, Bernard Kyaboona and Moses Baguma. He does not only ‘punish’ his workers, he recently beat up a city businessman Denis Ssempebwa at Magic Parking and tore his clothes without forgetting a juvenile he flogged into coma in Luweero with an electric wire.

“This light skinned Mukiga man of recent had grown into someone arrogant and desperate because his business empire has been crumbling on the fact that what would be his potential clients have been coned by his company. It is not the first time Desh is getting involved in such cases. He has been reported to police station several times for assault and stolen cars from the UK. Last year, Interpol at Kibuli Police Station released him after brief detention. What has remained a mystery to many is whether the records of his cases are kept at Police,” he added.

Car Deal Scandals

Meanwhile, a list of top businessmen, politicians and several people who are baying for his blood is growing each day. Apparently, city tycoon identified as Hajji Kayanja, CEO of Speedo was left speechless when Desh sold him Mercedes Benz S Class at Shs400m. On inquiring from Spear Motors, he was told the model he was given was worth around Shs120m. A source stated; “Hajji paid him Shs200m cash and then added a Land Cruiser worth Shs150m. But he was shocked when he was told the model he bought was very old and it was not worth that amount.” When Desh demanded the remaining balance, Hajji Kayanja told him and this forced the car tycoon to confiscate the car till all the payments were effected.

“He stunned Hajji when he arrogantly told him that he didn’t sell him the year but a car” a source informed us. Other prominent people that have apparently clashed with him include Moses Kigongo, city lawyer Bob Kasango, Andrew Mwenda, Richard Kaijuka, Mary Mugyenyi, two top Generals, five top State House officials, a staggering nine ministers, several MP’s and other businessmen. Mary Mugyenyi also has a case against him at Kibuli Police and she even decided to park the Mercedes Benz he sold her.



  1. what can i say now????
    ” God Have mercy on the innocent & judge this case with fairness so that the public can know that there is time for everything”
    As for the police at kila rd, I gues the IGP did not read the whole story…..Otherwise!!!!!

  2. So sad for Uganda. It is a shame after 50 contuous years of independency, one can just kill and stay in doors enjoying life under protection of the govenment. For the binojo’s buying car from on double price, I think there is no problem with that. did he force them to buy them? or they don’t know where mercedes benz are sold or the dealer in Uganda? The have alot of money to waste and also they got that money through wrong ways, thats why they dont feel any loss of buying a second hand car. Most these shinning vehicles you see in the city are stolen vehicles from europe, and some owners have been killed of injured in the process of taking away their vehicles. But the rich class in Uganda thats what they want. Better for you…..

    My problem with Bangladesh, is to contiue terrorising people and no action taken against him. Let he be brought to books for the murder and other assult cases. But selling cars, its not a case. Police, if interested in him facing car case, then extend your investigation to the origin of the sold vehicles, and that means whoever bought the car if its stolen is also a thief, should be handed arrested and charged with theft.

  3. I think the first arm to dissolve in government is the police. They spray innocent people tear gas and leave the wanted to walk free. Okay you have been looking for work, let Ugandans watch how far you will go with this.

  4. Thanks for your indepth coverage. What about thiis news in the Observer?


  5. Desh needs to be thoroughly investigated and police shouldnt put its nose into these matters since they already showed an interest in the whole matter.

    How long for sure if its true interpol is looking for him does it take to get a mere crook like him?

    For those who dealt with him on the issue of prices, i think it was Desh’s strong mind. Those people would have bench-marked before they could pay, in here it was their own fault not Desh’s.

    1. Yes i agree with you on the issue of price. The burden of proving the worthiness of the property falls on the side of the buyer and not the seller. If the likes of Hajji paid after agreeing on the price why do they complain later when they agreed to the contract? Are they trying to prove to us of their ignorance in this Dot.Com era? They should not fault this suspect in murder case on the issue exorbitant price for cars they bought from him.

  6. I think some time our government acts irresponsibly especially if something involves the poor who can seek for justice against such people like ‘Desh’ the first time i read a story in this paper after the murder i asked myself such questions but i could figure out that no sane police officer can answer them affirmatively. But one day one time a day will dawn on some of them.

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