Photos Of Pension Ghosts Revealed

Drago Micheal is one of the ghost pensioners released by Police

Ugandan Police have today released thousands of photographs of ghost pensioners who reportedly benefited from the Shs63bn pension scam that has seen dozens of Cairo International Bank officials arrested and Public Service bosses fired.

According to the Police spokesperson, Judith Nabakooba, this move is aimed at clearing the innocent people who were unwittingly caught in the pension scam. “We urge members of the public, whose pictures appear in the media, to step forward and clear there names,” she said.

CID have been investigating reports that sh63b was paid to about 1,018 ghost beneficiaries using accounts opened in Cairo International Bank’s head office in Kampala last year between February and November.

The scam saw Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Public Service, Jimmy Lwamafa and other senior officials including Commissioner Pensions, Stephen Kiwanuka-Kunsa; the Principal Accountant Christopher Obey and the head of IT, Richard Lubega fired on a presidential directive.

Deputy Secretary to the Treasury, Keith Muhakanizi recently told the media that more than 60,000 retired teachers, civil servants and soldiers would be inconvenienced in receiving their monthly pensions after government suspended the payments over graft allegations.

He said that all pensioners will have to wait for some time to get paid their monthly salaries as Ministry of Finance and Public Service completes the clean-up of the payroll in order to avoid ghost pensioners.

Sources say that the list of ex-gratia payments has hundreds of names of which most of them appear more than once but with different pension numbers while others the names are different but have the same particulars.

6 thoughts on “Photos Of Pension Ghosts Revealed

  1. Lord have mercy…these Public service workers have punished so many old people out there who have never seen a penny from their pension scheme.Some have died and left families behind struggling so hard to make ends meet while selfish people are enjoying money that does not belong to them. God punish all these government thieves.

  2. But i actually saw the pictures of people who are not even near retirement age. How logical is that?

  3. It is quit painful that people who are trained to manage public offices are the ones doing such things.But remember that what ever we do on earth will be paid for.Let us learn to get satisfied with the little we can imagin putting the lives of so many people in pain because of some few selffish individuals.After all they even end up dying of diabets,cancer,HIV/AIDS as their payment for putting other people in a mersarable state.Let us learn how to love one another basis of our living.Take my advise.Thanx

  4. Very interesting post, i’m currently in the process of considering bankruptcy|applying for bankruptcy|declaring bankruptcy} because i feel out of options
    Do you have a twitter account I can follow?

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