Pressure Group Launches 5th Term For Sevo

One of the banners the group is using

ANOTHER KISANJA Pressure Group has finalised plans to launch and market the 5th term for President Yoweri Museveni. Charles Lwanga, the coordinator of the group told snoops that they will launch the project in Kampala this week and then roll-out to all the districts of Uganda in the coming months.

The group says that they are drumming up support for Museveni come 2016 because of what he has achieved in the last 26 years he has been in power. Lwanga says the group is targeting the youth and women because they are the ones who are affected most especially during times of war. “It is only Museveni who can tame Al-shabaab and without him, the East African Federation is a myth,” he said.

Lwanga also said that their group had been boosted by the defection of over 500 students from several universities to the NRM camp. The students formery belonged to the Opposition camp but were forced to defect after realising that the future is not guaranteed in the Opposition. The group says that Museveni has ushered in peace which has enabled Ugandans an opportunity to invest.

The group also lashed out at NRM ‘rebel’ MPs for always attacking the president openly and for being used by negative forces. The pressure group will be launched officially by President Museveni in December this year.

9 thoughts on “Pressure Group Launches 5th Term For Sevo

  1. Iam waiting to see Kayeihura and all the police muscle in Uganda arresting members of this pressure group. As they have arrested all other members of the pressure groups int he country. Keihura we shall judge you next week.

  2. YK Museveni is Uganda’s asset at the moment. YK M7 is still popular and the father of our nation Uganda. Today there is rule of law. We have a disciplined army and police for the first time in the history of Uganda. There is total peace countrywide. Long Live H.E The Presidnet of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, May the Almighty God protect you always to win your advesaries.

  3. No problem with them so long as they follow the laws, police will have no problem with them. And that is democracy , the problem with other groups, they don’t want to follow the laws of police as if when they come in power they will tell people to do the same.

  4. Isn’t this campaigning ahead of time? don’t you think the fifth term which could as well be the seventh term has come too early? What if the movement decides to pick another candidate for the 2016 polls? I want to stand in the primaries and these people want to rig in advance.

    1. Jonathan,
      You have to know one thing, in Uganda, people are into politics for the sake of money. Unfortunately big money is mostly available during campaign time. Now those guys are broke so they are fuguring out ways to make ( I mean to steal) some money…fullstop!!

  5. Bravo mzee you saved this nation from the anarchy and lot still expected from you making Uganda a hegemony of East and central Africa and Africa at large, we still need you. Mzee Tuli nawe

  6. Those who think that m7 is the only man to rule uganda they are insane look at how the youth are suffering looking 4jobs, children and women are dieing no drugs in hospitals.he uses our money to buy war planes. it time 4 him to retire and let others lead and start where he has stoped before he ruins every thing

  7. Ha ha ha!
    I can see how broke fellows are trying eat M7s Money.

    Give Mzee a break with or without ur pressure group M7 will still go through.
    My 1 question is why don’t we just call the whites to colonize us again?

    Nice try…

  8. trashy group….when the time comes to move on, move on! we all appreciate mzee but even the best dancer at some point leaves the dance floor! so that other dancers can have room to dance as well…..who knows? they could turn out to be better dancers!!!!

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