Oulanyah Under Fire Over Nantaba

DEPUTY HOUSE Speaker Jacob Oulanyah L’okori yesterday came under fresh fire from MPs calling themselves ‘Concerned MPs’ demanding a special sitting of Parliament to debate his conduct. The group included Alice Alaso, Isaia Sasaga, Betty Nambooze and Odonga Otto. Addressing a press conference at Parliament yesterday, the group accused Oulanyah of being an agent of ‘misery’ in Parliament.

They accused him of bending the House rules and presiding over what they called a fraudulent appointments committee sitting to approve one of the ministerial rejects – Idah Nantaba. “Oulanyah erred in the law. We have to bring him to book. The Speaker is the custodian of the rules of procedure of Parliament. Oulanyah is deliberately violating the rules of Parliament,” Otto said.

The group stated that Nantaba and the two ambassadors were approved without quorum, in addition to lacking agenda for the meeting. Alaso said that on the agenda, the committee was supposed to handle vetting of the two ambassadors but Nantaba was also sneaked into the committee yet she wasn’t on agenda. “We are bringing a motion to discuss the conduct of Oulanyah. We want his conduct substantially debated. Oulanyah is becoming a disgrace to the community of Acholi,” Otto added. “It’s a pity that we are fighting our own rules. Oulanya should appear not to be an agent of controversies in Parliament. Every time we see him, we know something ugly is going to happen in Parliament. Why does he allow being associated with misery?” Nambooze added.

The MPs named some of the controversial debates he had chaired. These included some in 7th Parliament. In the 7th Parliament, Oulanyah, despite being a UPC lawmaker, chaired the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs committee which came up with a report to scrap Article 105 (2) of the Constitution to lift presidential term limits. Oulanyah took his committee secretly to Jinja resort where they spent days crafting the deal and eventually, the MPs were given Shs150, 000 as fuel refund. Otto reported the matter on the floor of Parliament and he laid the bribe on table.

The same group also named him as a person who chaired the budget recently where it was controversially passed without the health budget, he also chaired the debate to save bank of Uganda governor Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile on the Basajjabalaba compensation saga in addition to chairing a sitting of Parliament where he ruled that scribes shouldn’t go to the house gallery with their recorders.

The same group was also incensed that while several MPs have spent months struggling to invite Museveni to attend their functions in their constituencies, he has become a frequent visitor to Kayunga. “MPs are wondering which special feature and interest Museveni has in Nantaba. If she was rejected, why didn’t he pick another NRM MP? He has

6 thoughts on “Oulanyah Under Fire Over Nantaba

  1. Uganda, Uganda!!!.

    It seems whatever Mr. Museveni wants must come to pass at all cost even if it has issues around it.

    Let God speak to the president by Himself. He seem to be scared of the people He is leading. Something right can still be done.

    If the president does not accept that there is a problem, the solution cannot be got. Investigations are done, but no corrective action. The main problem is corruption without shame!!.

    Why are you not acting on the corrupt Mr. President? and in a non selective way. Why not order the stolen money and assets to be recovered in 3 months?
    Act and u will see Ugandans wanting u even beyond 2021!!

    Thank u.

    Concerned Ugandan.

  2. Hon.Oulanyah,common sense dictates that when you lean against a rotten pole,you and the pole will all fall down.Regarding Nantaba’s case you have while aiming to please your masters, heaped mud on your back.will you complain when your are ruled out of order?

  3. NRM has a lot of oulanyas. Oulanya what you are doing portrays the type of leadership skills u possess. try borrowing a leaf from your boss Kadaga please.

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