Uganda & Rwanda Are One Family- Kagame

President Kagame and Amb. Kabonero toast to the good health of Uganda and Rwanda

Rwanda president Paul Kagame has said Uganda and Rwanda are one family.

The president said this on Saturday while giving a speech at a dinner to celebrate Uganda’s 50th Independence Anniversary in Kigali Rwanda.
The dinner was organized by the Uganda High Commission inKigali and attracted hundreds of Ugandans and Rwandans living and working in both countries. Prominent among the Ugandans who graced the occasion were former Minister of Health Jim Muhwezi and businessman Bob Kabonero.
Speaking from Kigali Serena Hotel, Kagame said; “We join you in this celebration as members of the family..we are the same family.”
The Ugandan Ambassador to Kigali, H.E Richard Kabonero thanked the president for gracing the occasion. Kagame, who grew up and lived in Uganda for 30 years and participated in the liberation war that brought President Yoweri Museveni to power in 1986.

5 thoughts on “Uganda & Rwanda Are One Family- Kagame

  1. I am Rwandan and lived in Uganda for 2 years where I had gone for further studies. I liked Uganda and its people. Ugandans are nice people. Happy 50 Years of Independence to all Banayuganda. Mwebale nnyo!

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