Uganda@50 Fireworks usher In Golden Jubilee

Fires works and a splendid of celebration rocked Kampala as the country entered 50 years of Independence.

Hilton Hotel displayed the best and spectacular fireworks while ushering in the New Year. The fireworks took over the skylines of Kampala for more than 30 minutes.
Excited Mohammed Hamid , the proprietor Hilton Hotel also the chairman AYA Group noted that for so many years, there has been drastic change in a number of initiatives in the country, particularly economic growth, and social changes as well political strength.

“We have a reason to celebrate Uganda’s 50th Independence, there are so many things that have changed and deserve to be celebrated for, explained Mohammed.
Mohammed treated his workers and invited guests to a well facilitated party to mark entrance into the next 50 years as well as celebrate the country’s 50th jubilee celebration.
(All photos by Moses Ssemakula)

Fireworks at Aya Hilton Hotel


Aya boss Mohammed does it with his workers



3 thoughts on “Uganda@50 Fireworks usher In Golden Jubilee

  1. Hi,
    Am Moses from Mbale i say we have made it because we are now some how free.I mean its like we can do something for our country Uganda.But not that we have got indepence once for the last 50 years we have to just sit at home and look at our government just being taken away or drove away with corrupts. Lets join hands together an fight for justice but not Democrcy(Demo=Demon>Cracy=power) please dont follow that path because there is a secrete behind it quote me.

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