Besigye Arrested, Taken Home

Besigye (checked shirt) being arrested

Ugandan opposition leader Col. Kiiza Besigye has been arrested in chaotic scenes that rocked the Ugandan Capital City Kampala.

Besigye, together with several opposition leaders, had attempted to walk with crowds from downtown to stage demonstrations at the Constitutional Square.

Red Pepper Online reporters witnessed scuffles between the Uganda Police assisted by soldiers from the Military Police and Besigye.

Security forces also fired teargas canisters to disperse the crowds before the opposition leader was eventually whisked away to the Central Police Station for questioning and later driven home.

The Ugandan police have banned demonstrations in Kampala ahead of the country’s Golden Jubilee celebrations on Tuesday next week.

Police Spokesperson Vincent Ssekatte confirmed the arrest and said other leaders like the Kampala Lord Mayor have been released after cautioning them.

34 thoughts on “Besigye Arrested, Taken Home

  1. We seriously tired of besiegye nosense,we at peace I know da govt sucks but u dnt want 2mke Apoint by always waitin 4public holidays 2start yo routine attention seeking…selfish goals nuffin 2do wit me or any ugandan struggling out man jus chill n wait 4 2016!!!!

    1. Now Mister / Miss, You should know by now that that he is doing is not a selfish act. You should know how bad the government would be if it wasn’t for the opposition and FDC in particular. You maybe talking from a personal level but consider all people. This government itself spoilt the meaning of demonstrations the very day it started denying it. Its known worldwide that demonstrations are legal. And as humans, if you are oppressed to the maximum, you react. People are idle down town and you think they will stand whenever they get a chance to express their grief? I don’t agree with violence or business interruptions in town or anywhere but if they police just decides those guys to have a free demonstration, things would be a bit more fair!!

    2. He has a genuine reason to do what he does that’s why he draws a multitude whenever he appears on the scene and the police,the state operatives get scared. pple are desperate and waiting 4 sm one 2 lead them 2 freedom, reflect on 2 this scenario where a person knows that there is tear gas and bullets and decides 2 go there

  2. Group of losers trying to make a point by having a poor man suffer, why cant he wait for 2016 and come face to face with people give his manifesto and we decide ourselves. every time those losers move down people loose their goods. they suck.

  3. Causing havoc for the rest of the city dwellers just because you want attention? Besigye grow up! We are tired. A good number of us KNOW that your so called demonstrations are not because you feel the people’s plight but rather that you are seriously nursing seilfish ambitions for the presidency.

    1. I support your remarks, Besigye is making money out of the confusion he brings in the city

  4. The most dangerous thing about Besigye demonstrations is that polices takes them seriously. We have had a lot of demonstrations and riots for a very long time now and innocent people have come under attack from many of the police departments. Dear Besigye and company, your families need you more than the comic stunts you always want to pull with Government…..

  5. Arresting Besigye each time he walks to some place makes him more popular. Let him walk and talk, nothing will happen. The police have become specialists in tear gasing. Is this man not free to walk to any place in Kampala and else where? Make a law that criminalises walking. When I was in Kampala last month, I walked wherever I wanted to go. Nothing happened. I think Besigye should be as free as me to walk.

  6. Is it only me who finds this ridiculous that this esteemed gentleman an opinion of which im beginning to move away from only appears when some thing big in Uganda is going to to happen does he try to provoke the powers that be…yes we know what state Uganda is in. However this is beginning to look like attention grabbing and yes in some cases that’s how politics is played out but please we are tired of the drama please wait for 2016 because you have tried that tactic and its been played out ,barking dogs seldom bite so get back to the drawing board try something new coz you are playing right into their game to where they want you to be…just like chess and losing face as in a poker match….check yourself or else that man will win again come 2016

  7. If Besigye was to be sincere with himself, he should know that, his struggles to lead Uganda have yielded nothing, he has tried enough times and M7 has remained a winner for reasons well known to Besigye, he has decided to leave the struggle to others ; Muntu and Mafabi for we can not count Ekanya in the race, Let Besigye retire and rest, enjoy his monies he has earned through demonstrations on the expense of the losses incured by poor Kampalans!!!

    1. besigyeeeeeee, enough is enough, why is it that u target yo demos when we are approaching public holidays,twakowa okubonabonera obwerere,many people loose their property and loved one because of u yet after you do not come to their rescue.
      please find other ways.

  8. Besigye is also a ugandan citezen and he has a right to express himself in any way like any ugandan, but why should he always be stopped arrested ant time he wants to talk to his suppoters 4 crying out loud……….. fe tulibakowu leave the man alone.

  9. besigye should be reccalled back into the army since is counted as reserve to avoind INCONVENIENCES.UPDF statute and code of conductif he/she is not disabled physically or mentally and has not clocked the age of 60 can be recalled back into the is the only community can displine him,ugandans w’re tired of ”kavuyo”,p’se museven helpers.

  10. Available information shows that being a soldier, later on a politician is not something Kizza Besigye ever planned. When he began school, his ambition was to become a doctor. This means he went to school to learn how to treat people and not how to govern. But unexpectedly, he ended up being all these things (a medic, a politician and a soldier) through no particular design of his own. the man is mentally confused,he should be taken to butabiika for treatment.

  11. let them let the man be.. imean he is just walking to kisekka to check on his supporters let that be supervised am sure the Dr. has rights..and a Ugandan who is allowed to walk any where he wants.. in the 50 years Uganda has had hard times with the government….

  12. You know i am a NRM supporter, but teh way things are unfolding, it looks like our time is also coming to an end. That is why people like Sejusa have seen light and started writting. Museveni himself is fed up with working with corrupt people but one thing why he can’t leave power is that he is the only one with a vision. So he knows if he hands over to the like of Bukenya, Mbambazi etc, then the taps of corruption will be openned. On the other hand he can’t hand over to people like Kadaga, Besigye or Otunu, because he knows that all what has been lost through broad day light corruption has got to be got back. People like Mandela, Desh, Nyezi , name them whom they are using to sack the country dry will have to find there level when that time comes. For now they are enjoying to punish others. Lastly i pitty our unprofessional police, who do not know what being a police person is. Over to you.

  13. people! hav u given t a thought? look, if this H.E. KB z left 2 be but with a closer…. let the police escote him 2 whereever just as they(police) say t, along with his followers, let him say what he wants 2 say, at the end of the day the police can may be led him on his way back hom. dont u think this z possible without caos?? why z police taking advantage of innoncent uganadans 2 do their training?(them selves seeem not organised)
    then what & why the hell are thoz doing amidist the poor fellows who lost their property in the course of d saga? they hav their personal & selfish interests, they want us 2 view them as being pro-people this tm, ehh?(thoz who hav never had kind words for the grievd)
    PEOPLE!! AS YO SHADING YO TEARS LOOK AROUND U, WHO Z DAT Z CRYING WIT U. som are hynaz trying 2 show sympathy at the death of the cow.

  14. If besigye was to be smart and so sincere to himself, he should have known that his struggle is as nothing as sins. We are tired of your nonsense. Some people are lossing business, properties, and lives. We know you are doing all those as accountability for the funds you are receiving from your sponsers. But be a man enough and tell them that as I do account for your funds, many ugandans are suffering in the process of my accountability. Let them think of other means you will continue accounting for their funds. Ndugu Colonel, do you still see yourself as presidential quality? Am out to help you, presidential quality dont look like you. The pulling and pushing you have received since you started your struggle are enought to ground you. You have no respect and the public have no trust and confidence in you. You carry tonages of hate and are manifested in your words, voice and look. Sure you could not make a good doctor with the few points I have mentioned. By the way! while in service why didn’t you serve in medical services. I understand there is a well established medical services in the Army with well informed and experienced doctors, why didn’t you be part of them or be the chief of medical services???? We love you as one of our strongest ugandan, but your battle wont make any change or any thing, apart from creating trouble for our poor people. There is a number of presidential quality in opposition. But I wont mention them for security reasons. If you ask me I will tell you who are these people who are likely to become presidents of UGANDA.

    You have been a good ladder. Congs


  16. African politicians…., every one of them acts with selfish interests accept Mwl. Nyerere,..he died without even a house of his own,.. his wife is living in a house that was built by JWITZ. long after his death!no one of his sons that holds any position in any of the army, government or even CCM (ruling party ) offices!

  17. its very painful the way police are harrasing this man, how about if he become president u as police where will u be south sudanes from katigiri boma.

  18. always the man of throught people dont like him becouse they knew if they allowed u, u will tell the throught, idont blame president but humanity, dont support museveni or besigye.

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