UPDF Batters Al Shabaab Again

UPDF in Somalia

Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) has again given the heartless Al Shabaab terrorists a bloody nose and pushed them out of the strategic town of Wanla Weyn in lower Shebelle.

Fighting under AMISOM, the UPDF together with Burundi forces secured the area on Sunday after a fierce battle.

Lying 93Km from Mogadishu,  Wanla Weynl’s capture , comes just two days after the allied forces started a 211km advance from Afgooye to Baidoa.

“Our mission is paying off, the aim was to connect the two Shebelle regions. Wanla Weyn town falls at a strategic junction linking the two to Baidoa and Beletweyne,”  Capt. Henry Abbo told Red Pepper online in via a satellite phone.

Military sources have told us that the operation would deny the fleeing Al Shabaab insurgents from seeking refuge and destabilizing other regions of the country.

AMISOM Force Commander, Lt. Gen Andrew Gutti commended his troops and explained the significance of this move.

“Securing Wanla Weyn will allow for free movement of the population who have been restricted up until now, it will also facilitate the provision of much needed humanitarian assistance to the local population.”

This is a huge blow to the Al shabaab since it will deny them income after losing the seaports of Marka, El-maan and Kismayo.

Gutti said:  “This operation demonstrates AMISOM’s continued determination to support the people of Somalia as they embark on a new path of renewal and reconstruction.”

The sector one commander Brig Michael Ondoga said, he handy met much resistance since the insurgents lost the will and capacity to fight.

“Al shabaab are constantly in the run. The population is in our support so the insurgents have no place to hide. We are calling to on them to lay down their arms and join in the peace building process,” Brig Ondoga said.

5 thoughts on “UPDF Batters Al Shabaab Again

  1. Gallant AFrican Freedom Fighters,
    Liberate Somalia and route Al Shabaab out of the region.

  2. Good work. Lawlessness and impunity must stop. Let Somalia be a country worth its name like it was before 1991. 21 years without a government is proof of God’s miracles. Let there be a government that is in charge of the whole country. Plan to rehabilitate the Al-Shabab as you can not kill all of them. Those who surrender and reform should be forgiven to forge national unity.

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