Why I Snubbed KCCA Carnival- Bobi Wine


Bobi and wife

After making an attempt by personally inviting Bobi Wine to perform at the KCCA Carnival over the weekend, Jennifer Musisi was disappointed that the singer did not show up.

As if that was not enough, first thing Monday morning Bobi posted on his facebook wall, “I did not attend the KCCA carnival because

1: I did not know its purpose

2: With all the misery we are facing in the city, there was nothing for me to celebrate so I opted to spend my Sunday in Katanga doing routine cleaning.”

It looks like the ghetto president will not be mending fences with the KCCA boss any time soon.

The Tungambire ku Jennifer singer has also refused to change the title of his album which goes by the same name and is slated to launch it on 16th November at Kyandodo Rugby Grounds, considering that the song has been banned by UCC, we can only hope that the launch goes off without a hitch.




6 thoughts on “Why I Snubbed KCCA Carnival- Bobi Wine

  1. we pray that you two amend your differences b’se we love you two so much, one for being the voice of the oppressed and two for speaking out your minds without fear

  2. Bobi, if you mix politics with music you will spoil it for us because your fans are a collection of all parties and its u the musicians that unite us after all this political fights. u r either a politician or a musician period!

  3. who is bobi anyway? the carnival went on any way,bobi or no bobi. Media should avoid trying to create conflict between people who matter like Musisi and those who dont like bobi njaga.

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  5. wheather a politician or musician dosn’t matter because we are all ugandans and u have to expess ur feelings in the field u are in,thanks for being patriotic BOBI.

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