DR Congo army chief Gabriel Amisi suspended

Gen Gabriel Amisi

The head of the army in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been suspended pending an investigation into claims that he sold weapons to rebel groups.

A UN report accused Gen Gabriel Amisi of running a network supplying arms to poachers and rebel groups including the notorious Mai Mai Raia Mutomboki.

A government spokesman said other officers were also being investigated.

The suspension follows the seizure of the city of Goma by the separate M23 rebels on Tuesday.

They also seized another town, Sake, although government spokesman Lambert Mende says it is now back in government hands.

The rebels, who are widely believed to be backed by Rwanda and Uganda, have threatened to advance towards the capital Kinshasa unless President Joseph Kabila opens direct peace talks.



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  1. concerning security issues i think our mzee deserve it and we have to support him,keep
    it up mzee sevo, hangara Uganda but corruption has become a disease which has no cure like HIV/AIDS

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