7 Pension Scam Suspects Released on Bond


Seven suspects of the pension scam have been released on bond after spending two weeks in jail.

The released are Christopher Obey, David Oloka, Steven Lwanga, Peter Ssajabi, Isaac Ssentogo, Francis Lubega and Fred Tumusiime.

The Buganda Road Cort Chief Magistrate, Sylvia Nabaggala issued an order to the director of Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Directorate, Grace Akullo together with the commandant Special Investigation Unit, Beata Chelimo to release Obey and Oloka immediately.

The seven are part of the previous seventeen who were arrested in connection to the Shs169 billion pension scam. Ms Akullo confirmed the release, saying investigations are still ongoing in both charges of the Shs169 billion pensions fund loss and the illicit accumulation of wealth.

The CIID and SIU, have been tracing for assets belonging to Mr Obey and Mr Oloka, both principal accountants in the Public Service ministry. By yesterday, police had recovered 80 per cent of the property and companies alleged to belong to the duo as well as documents connecting them to a number for properties and companies in and out of Kampala.

It is said that sh63b was paid to 1000 ghost pensioners and the alleged beneficiaries had accounts in Cairo International Bank. Arrests were made in connection to the scam and 945 names of the ‘pensioners’ were released.

As a result of the scam, eligible pensioners have yet to receive their pension.


5 thoughts on “7 Pension Scam Suspects Released on Bond

  1. Here you go with Corruption in Uganda. Under current Judiciary system which is corrupt, weak anti corruption laws, weak Police invistigation capability( also due to corruption,weak police training on the regors of crime invistigation, public admiration of the rich corrupt individuals by the public, one is right to say that corruption is here with us -part of culture.

    1. Sheifah pliz understand the law. Black’s is called bail pending appeal. She intends to go abroad. The risk is higher n she hz to pay higher. Besides she is already a convict. Thiz r mere suspects.

  2. i don’t agree with the court coz that sum to bad black was much than those who took our money from NSSF and that of janet’s trip and so the gal has to go for surgury and the sum must be paid by the muzungu coz he’s the one who wanted the big breasts and the big bums

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