Andrew Mwenda Quits Capital Radio

Uganda’s Veteran Journalist Andrew Mwenda

Veteran journalist and entrepreneur Andrew Mwenda it appears has parted ways with Capital FM, a popular radio station in Uganda’s capital, Kampala.

Mwenda whose voice has been absent in the recent days, had a morning program tilted “the Andrew Mwenda minute” ten minutes to 8am every morning in which he discussed top headlines of the day.

The legendary scribe and vicious critic of foreign aid who calls himself a quasi-intellectual businessman (whatever that means) has not indicated what his next move is though he has hinted at something better to come.

The independent magazine CEO revealed this development on social networking site face book stating “Good friends how are you. The gods of Toro extend their greetings to you. I would like to formally inform you that The Andrew Mwenda Minute radio show on Capital F.M ended”

Mwenda’s exit follows that of another breakfast show presenter Allan Kasujja who last month scooped a lucrative job with BBC radio where he will be working on the station’s ‘News-day’ program.

His fans have been unanimous in saying his incisive analysis will be missed.



34 thoughts on “Andrew Mwenda Quits Capital Radio

  1. Ndugu Mwenda is one of my idols in this field. I rarely miss his morning show on Capital radio and this is one of the reasons why some time i have been late for my duties in the morning. I will miss him too much.

  2. Hi Andrew,
    so sad you are quitting.
    I could not get a better analysis of issues than yours. you always made by morning brighter. anyhow. wish you the best. hope I will follow you at your new post.

  3. He needs to think seriously his next move. He is aging. No family!!!
    Therefore not socially settled. These factors however trivial add up to one’s capacity to progress.

  4. Thank God! the man never does his research well, wants self proclamation. i guess he has not left in good faith.

    1. I fail to understand educated people who praise Andrew Mwenda’s journalistic professionalism. He used to be very good but now he is self satisfying his ego. Does not take any time to do any research in his commentaries. Just care about making money. Let us see the future of independenct.

      1. Mwenda has made a lot of enemies in the media sector and the private sector, now the only future for him is probably the government. No one seems to like his presence because he does not have any manner to keep and balance what he attacks on his shows and media which lost popularity long time. He looks so isolated and I wonder what happened….too much loans I guess to quench a lifestyle.

  5. Probably he has been tipped for a job in Kigali state house or Kampala state house. Mwenda lost credibility already. Who cares.

    1. Lucy, you are spot on. This guy is simply a populist….seeking cheap publicity. I also think he’s left not in good faith

  6. let him go, he lost relevancy long time ago. Even his independent magazine lost direction. go go go mwenda

  7. You mean all along this man was On capital!!!!, I thought he had left the Country! Yeah I now believe such p’ple are compromised!

    1. I agree with you mzee, he used to be so good sometime back and i never used to miss the independent. But these days, it seems the guy was compromised. He no longer bites!!!

  8. mayb its gud news for the unemployed, let some one be fixed there and in any case he wasnt going to die from there

  9. Mwenda: u are over due. Make sure the door does not hit you on the way out. Average ugandans are internally celebrating.

  10. Let Mwenda marry, you know what; family is very important even when the whole world denies you….take refuge in family.
    But my good friend Mwenda is non of that!!!!

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