Black Fails To Raise Shs100m Bail Cash

Black (C) wiping her tears as her mother and Halima Namakula console her in court

Embattled former city socialite Shanita Namuyimba aka Bad Black’s joy of being freed from jail has this Friday been short-lived after she failed to raise Shs100m bail cash she was offered by the appellate court, and was returned to Luzira Prison.

It was money that landed Black in trouble and it was the same to bail her out, but she was not lucky enough to raise the colossal sum of money granted as a pre-condition by the Court of Appeal to get her temporary freedom.

Justice Stella Arach Amoko of the Court of Appeal had asked her to deposit Shs100m cash as a pre-condition to be released to access medical attention for her breasts.

“Dr. Joseph Andama (Luzira Medical Superintendent) testified against the medical report that when he squeezed the applicant’s (Black’) nipples, they discharge milk-like substance accompanied by blood. Though his report did not mention whether she can be treated in Mulago Hospital, I am satisfied that the applicant’s
condition amounts to grave illness. She shall therefore be released on bail pending her appeal on the following terms,” Justice Amoko noted
in her ruling read by the court’s Registrar and Judiciary spokesperson, Erias Kisawuzi today.

However, Black’s lawyer and relatives could not raise the money. Speaking to Red Pepper in a telephone interview Friday evening, Kisawuzi confirmed that Black has been returned to Luzira Prison because she failed to raise the bail cash.

“I have left office and I am the one supposed to sign on her bail papers. By the time I left office, she had not raised the money and therefore warders had to return her to Luriza Prison. When she raises the bail cash, she can return to court and deposit it to get her temporary freedom,” said Kisawuzi.

Reported By Alex Bukumunhe

31 thoughts on “Black Fails To Raise Shs100m Bail Cash

  1. Thank you Halima for standing with Shanita when nearly everyone has abandoned her. True friends stand with you whether in trouble or not.

  2. it is a good lesson indeed.
    she has even learn t how to put on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    okay Black , let me give u some piece of advise.
    from today on words just no that “LIFE IS NOT FAIR’ and stop your lousy way of handling it.

  3. I so much thank Madam Halima for satnding with Bad Black at these trying moments in life.Like the many Criminals we have ,Black is exceptional,in that she used her own body to acquire not even steal as it is stated.Thieves are like those who stole Gavi,Chogm,Temangalo,Bicycles,OPm office, to mention but afew.For black if any case,she committed it against one person other than those who have stollen the entire country and yet they cover them by saying they embezzled or are corrupt.Instead of telling the public the right thing that they are thievs,they say they abused office,they embezzled or they are corrupt.How will that old man of 70,60 or 80 years down in the village know that actually embezzlemet r corruption are bigger offences than mear theft as potrayed.

  4. Sorry for Bad Black… mean she can’t raise 100M. Where are all the people she used to give presents of airtickects etc. can’t they come to the poor gilrs rescue. Indeed when days are dark friends become few. Sorry for the poor girl. I am sincerely begining to feel her pain, even though I felt nothing for her in the past. So how else was she gonna afford an airtitcket to Dubai, hospital bills etc. Lord have mercy…

  5. I real question the justice system of Uganda cos when it comes to small fishes like Bad black they show us that the justice is working, while first the judiciary it’s self it’s corrupt. They have failed to bring Amama Mbabazi to justice, Salim Saleh, Otafire, Janet M7, Mukula. They are playing micky mouse games with Kazinda and others while the people of Uganda are sufering, come on NRM and from there you will seek another term.

  6. The devil does not tell us where it will all end from the beginning beacause we would not get into its trap. sorry 4 black and a lesson 2 all of us.

  7. it’s high time we realized the true friends we have in life and the hypocrites who laugh at us when we fall they pretend to be friends when we financially stable but run away from us due to our down falls so BLACK remember no condition is stable you will be okay one day you have have ma prayers

  8. It has never been a simple World ,let no one deceive you. Even Jesus Christ,and Prophet Muhammed at one time had it rough when they were being persecuted and hunted respectively.One even hid in a Cave. So there is always that time to be happy and cry.But keep positive Ms Blackie!

  9. Hope Black has learnt a lesson that in life, we NEED PEOPLE.
    This girl stepped on everyone’s toes because of her money.
    Remember the lady she beat up in Kabalagala, the couple she ran over with her Benz and she could not show any reorse!!

    Am suprised that she ven had a mother….Nyabo Maama( with due respect) your daughter was terrible and let this be a lesson to all of us!!!

  10. Halima, I always knew you were very different from the other so-called celebrities that are nothing more than just parasites!
    When Black had the money, they were all over her in droves! They ate, drunk and licked every penny off her! WHen she got into problems, – as usual, they all left her!
    Kudos to you Halima. Black should forever be grateful to God for having a friend like you.
    Stay by her side. Do whatever you can. Tomorrow someone will do the same for you!
    Now you have ALL my respect!

  11. Poor little girl, I feel so sorry for her. She has actually looks grown beautiful!! I Pray that one day she gives her life to Jesus. She was made all mistakes just be. cause she was young and uneducated. The lord loves her above all….
    Shame those thieves in OPM are granted bail on very soft terms.
    Halima thank you for being a mother of the nation… Sh

  12. Halima u are a true african mum.
    all these parasites who used to hung out with Black are no where to be seen.
    Black me and my family we pray for you and justice shall come to you at a suitable time.
    just trust in God and he will never forget u.

  13. Hey Shanitah had a bad plan and now this goes to all guys out there that what you get in life treasure it and make investments which can bail out in times like this lol

    1. True that, if she had put up a plaza in town, it would probably bail her out. But she decided to invest in people, which people are all mute. i don’t wish for her bad for now coz the tears she is crying is what other people cried, however let her pray to GOD for forgiveness. The years will soon vanish, if i were her i wouldn’t spend the little money left for “temporary freedom”

  14. halima you are such asweet mother and you have abig heart indeed you stood by black the time she needed help most.
    may the Lord bless you

  15. this goes to those in opm’s office you guys u have stolen enough you should be brought to justice.
    In uganda its so unfortunate that a person who stills aphone, chicken ,etc is killed at the seen but a man like Kazinda Jim muwwezi mukula bigirima are let to walk freely on the roads of kampala please justice think twice God bless

  16. U will be surprised a few weeks after finally getting out,she will be back to her partying ways! Black is Black and that is it!

  17. Please, Black I pray that you denounce even such a name “bad black” now that you look a repented fellow.

  18. Poor black, the Bible says for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through his son Jesus Christ. Surrender your life to Jesus & ask for forgiveness – he’ll deliver you.

  19. It will all end well. We all make mistakes in life & the only difference is what we learn from the mistakes. Black was very young and received wrong advice when she got that money. When all this ends, please Black choose your friends carefully. Well done Halima for standing with her.

  20. I just wish p’ple learn a lesson from this poor gal that it takes no minute for God to put you down from wherever you’re. Ask yoself how much did she used to spend a day,week & a month on things that didn’t matter and on p’ple who could be there 4 for her coz if i may ask,where is Bebe cool who got big sum from her and many others? Look at Harima who might have not seen a penny on her money, which means those close to u when you have,are not the ones who will be there for u when you’re in trouble.So spend wisely sparing for those who will be there when that time comes, you can learn if u want coz they say awise man learns from other p’ples mistakes & a fool on themselves.

  21. Poor nalukenga,and uneducted black girl you gat to learn samething if you wishe.But i doubt wether you will be safe.i know the owner of that money is hurt .so as wel you need to think twice.

  22. It is sad that our legal system is so weak to this extent. I have seen people who have swindled huge amounts of money intended to valunable groups in the country and handled with soft hands. But why this young lady who used money from a bank account she was the only signatory?. If at all she stolen, she stolen from herself!!!!. Is this judge lady working for Greenh……. or what?


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