Bebe Cool Voted Greatest Artist Since Independence

Gagamel Boss Bebe Cool

Top Ugandan male singer Moses Sali a.k.a Bebe Cool has been voted Uganda’s greatest  artist since this nation’s creation.

A poll conducted by Kasuku media services as part of the event “Ugandan music at 50 years since independence” Bebe Cool polled the highest number of vote beating his bitter rival Jose Chameleone.

The poll was conducted for eight weeks from October 8th to November 28th.

According to Kasusku’s Isaac Katende, the results did not have any judges or experts’ contribution but purely by the fans.
“This is not like PAM awards. Here, people voted for whom they think has been the best ever. They sent messages to blue cube and the musician with the highest number of votes through Sms emerged winner” he said.

The poll has has drawn mixed reactions from the public with some people questioning the credibility of the poll. However, Bebe Cool’s fans have been showering the artist with congratulatory messages saying he deserves the prize.

What waits to be seen however is how the other artists who consider themselves  big will react to this news that their rival in the game has come out top.

49 thoughts on “Bebe Cool Voted Greatest Artist Since Independence

  1. This guy deserves it. His music is sooo unique. Well done pioneer. Just work on yo attitude then u will be complete. As i said well done man.

  2. He deserves it. his music tries to cut across EAsT AFRICA and if he releases a beefing song it doesn’t show much direction to the intended person unlike his colleague(s) who attack(s) him directly. But this again shouldn’t give Bebe cool much pride to start swelling air around but rather he needs to thank his fans and get back to more better beef free music. GO ON BEBE

  3. Stop missing using English. Best things have never been like Bebe cool’s music. You should have used worst because it matches what you wanted to say but forgot

  4. That was a nice try, Paul and Andrew i dont know wat is wrong wid Ugandans,

    We had Lubega with Mambo no.5 that hit US and UK Billboards to top ten no one even has that dude in their mind, we had philly Lutaya, who was in the ranks of Oliver Ngoma by the time he died.

    Then u stand there on ur two legs, saying bebe cool is the best…

    I would even vote paul kafeero

  5. I don’t know about the best ever or since independence because we have had some great musicians who entertained us with just voices guitars and drums. The likes of Ella wamala and so on. That said with today’s field he is the best he got a different sound from the group which mostly play on water down Jamaican tracks

    1. Not the best @ all. Did Philly Lutaya sing in a 50 years different from “Bebe Cool’s” 50 yrs?

  6. Bebe Cool or any current crop of Artist can rank in the top 10 Musicians Uganda has had since Independence. That Poll is certainly conducted by Bebe Cool himself or his pals to spite other Artists. None of our Artists can sing Live like the Generation of Elly Wamala, Dan Mugula and the others. Anyway, the conductor of the Poll is myopic, un informed and ignorant to say the least.

  7. Kasuku as the name states…. i rest my case. Seriously, Bebe is just like the other show off guys, releasing one song after another to get money from ebivulu, thats it but not music with songs that will remain playing even 20yrs from now.

  8. hahaha… LOL, if n one ever listens 2 doz guyz (kasukus) on dembe fm, no wonder dey had 2 raise their loser, dey a always favoring de renting big size!

  9. Hahahahahaha, this leaves me laughing. If you dont know the best musician uganda has ever had since Indepence, here is a clue.
    Were approaching December all music Stores, Radios and Televisions Will be playing His songs. This has been done for the past 20 years to date.
    R.I.P Philly Bongole Lutaaya, you are the “bestest” we’ve ever Had.

  10. bebecool ??? Give me break please.. what has his done to promote morals in our society ??
    Greatest artists include the likes of Ever Green Elly Shama Wamala, Prince Paul Job Kafeero, Dan Mugula, e.t.c …

  11. am listening to Philly Lutaya’z songs Bebe Cool can’t b e best artist since independence….Perverse poll

  12. bebe cool 100% no people u need to be serious otherwise u may insult us by u a of philly lutaya,elly wamala.kafeero

  13. However much i love his music, I can bring him near to the best.. if you talk of artists since independence…. may be if you are trying to mean…in his category of fighters and ganja boys…

  14. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha best indeed??????? Music is a collection of organized Sounds, based on a good melody, timing and rhythm. The music should carry a good message for the people to get educated out of goodness. Music is spiritual, a feeling that heals the wounded and broken souls.

    Now We have better musicians who carry that flag and most of our idols have raised it high like the late Job Kafeero, Wamala, Basudde the mighty Lutaya the list goes on. And Ugandans don’t you worry time is ticking for the Bossy so called clowns.

    Till then Jah bless, protect and guide. One love people of Jah.

  15. well-done babe but strive hard to get out wrangles that u are involving your self in now coz u have been avery nice guy dont spoil your future

  16. Did this joker think of notables like Joanita Kawalya, before even thinking of the departed great? I first checked today’s date to be sure it’s not April 1st, then garnered courage enough to read below the headline. The sun will have to rise from the West before bebe cool or his cronies (mbu nemeses) become Ug’s great!

  17. i read papers and listen to radio everyday. how come i never had of these polls running? blue cube or any other content providers are purely profit minded. they never conduct anything out of good will but to make money and anyone can approach them for anything and in this case i believe bebe cool was part of the plot. i bet bebe cool does not even listen to his own music and there you go ranking him best in 50 years.if i were to vote ranking would go like;

    1.Philly Bongore Lutaaya
    2.Prince Job Paul Kafeero
    3.Elly Wamala
    4. Jose Chameleon
    i propose redpepper carries out polls and we see what may come out



  19. Congs Bebe Cool. Its ok haters can talk. The guy did not conduct the poll himself. I knew one day he wold be rewarded. Congs man.


  21. yes haters have ears but they cant hear,pliz listen to bebe’s great songs like remember, ntuuyo, nkolerera baana bange and so on.t hey carry alot of meaning but because they hate those who are well off, they will never accept.bebe has mentored the rest of todays other big musicians like chamilli and bobi. plz lets accept haters give us a break

  22. Bebe is just an intertainer. Music stars of post uganda independence ranked:

    1. Jimmy Katumba. His voice would shake a big cinema hall without any instrument, without a microphone. He wass known as the black jim reeves and the black Elvis.

    2. Philly Lutaaya. He’s compositions are unmatched by any of the 20th century intertainers. He new music, he could sing beyond Uganda, and beyond Africa

    3. Elly Wamala- a musician, a music star of all time.

  23. pliz stop talking of the late musicians,can one recognise a dead of the current ones we have.stop yo nnugu the guy deserved it.who else then.GAGAMEL TING DIS.

    TALENT YES BUT MONEY NO.what to show for all the money earned since then?(please refer to HIS DADDY).AM DONE.BYE.LOL

  25. However did this pole just got in Kampala,excuse them please they just bought radios. They don’t no nothing of the past. It’s the bebe cool and Museveni generation. I call them a confused bunch.they live in fantasy land . Not long ago Museveni said Uganda was going to become like first world countries. Okay

  26. This is an insult to all those love music from Uganda. Who the hell is Kasusku’s Isaac Katende??? I have never heard of him his views and opinions counts for ZERO, as far as I am concerned. As for the claim, please don’t make cry!!! Bebe Cool in not anywhere near the top 10 let alone the top 50.

  27. Philly Lutaaya, Elly Wamala,Eclas Kawalya,Herman Basudde,Paul Kafeero,Maddox,Peter Olwo,Jiimy Katumba,Masagazi,Joanita Kawalya,Peterson Mutebi, Menton Summer…….and u mention Katala as the best???

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