Besigye, Lukwago Cordoned off as Police Raid DP Offices

DP president Norbert Mao adressing journalits before police seized the offices yesterday (photo by Nicholas Mwesigwa)

Water tight security yesterday cordoned off residences of Dr. Kizza Besigye and Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago in a move to hamper them from what AIGP Andrew Kawesi called “breach ofpeace”.

The two opposition activists had earlier vowed to command a protest and called upon the public to gather at Parliament to witness which MP ‘sells out’ the country by passing the controversial Petroleum
Exploration Development and Production Bill. “Ugandans, this is a matter of life and death, let us all gather at Parliament in masses,” Besigye said.

Following ‘serious’ security threats by  all opposition Political parties,  civil society organizations, a clique of MPs  and other Ugandans  from around the country to storm Parliament in a procession, Police deployed  heavy forces to combat the crowds. Lukwago and Besigye were still blocked from accessing the city and were by press time at their residences with no hopes of evading security like ever before.

Besides the deployment inside Parliament and around the city, Kampala Metropolitan Commandant Kawesi asked his ‘trusted men in uniform’ to launch a crackdown against any outfits which would cause chaos by sabotaging Parliament from passing the bill.

“Whoever is suspected to cause chaos must be worked according to the law let Parliament do its work as mandated. The Public is allowed to sit in the gallery and watch calmly if they raise voices my men are there to work on them,” he stated at CPS yesterday.

Police Forces camped at Lukwago’s home in Rubaga all day and not even the heavy down pour could let them give the Mayor space to leave his home. They vowed to block Lukwago and Besigye until dusk when they are convinced that they will not cause any commotion in the city. “We cannot leave this place until evening, when they can no longer cause havoc,” comic Sam Omola told journalist at Mayor’s home.

Police Raid DP Offices

Meanwhile, Police commanded by CPS DPC James Ruhweza raided DP headquarters amidst a news conference where the party leader Norbert Mao was ‘inciting’ the people to invade Parliament and stop the passing of the bill. Mao said, “The battle lines have been drawn between a few greedy Ugandans in control of power and the great majority of all walks of life who work hard to make ends meet. DP calls upon all Ugandans to join civil society, MPs, political parties and other good intentioned people to stand up and put the country first. It is now or never.”

‘Serious’ threat’
Mao said passing of the bill will be treasonous that the Government that has presided over the most classical looting of public resources in history is again trying to dash the only hope Ugandans have remained with to save them from squalor of poverty. Before he could rest his submission, Police operatives swung in action and arrested a few individuals including the party mouth piece Kenneth Paul Kakande, and Livingstone Kasozi who were charged on preventive arrest.

The commotion lasted for an hour before Head of Operations at CPS Onesmus Mwesigwa solved the issues with President General Mao in his office amicably.

Reported By Nicholas Mwesigwa & Milton Tumusime

9 thoughts on “Besigye, Lukwago Cordoned off as Police Raid DP Offices

  1. We need to liberate our country at any cost it deserves before it becomes too late.This is athieving organisation running our government today.

  2. The Executive should stop using the Police which is even rag tagged to side step the rights and Freedoms as enshrined in the Constitution. Why block some one from freely expressing his or her views like they are rebels.

    Dr. Besigye and Lord Mayor Lukwago are Ugandans who are also affected by the laws which are passed by the already compromised Legislature. Let them freely express their views in a democratic manner as laid down in the Constitution you claim to safeguard. It is only Ugandans who have ultimate power to decide who leads them remember since power belongs to them which has to be exercised in accordance with the Constitution.
    For God and Our Beloved Country UGANDA which is under siege.

  3. It really hurts to find that young officers like kawesi follow the orders of their bosses and they support the sale out of the godly given long term resources.are they to live for afew remaining years?for these old
    men’the likes of his bosses,atleast they are getting too old to wish the you wish the young and ugandans ar large abetter future.Is kawesi hoping to gain much in this corruption en breach of our rights?God have.mercy

  4. This is a clear warning to Lukwago, pls stay away from Besigye and the demos cos they can land you in jain and since your a Muganda those guys wnt have any thing to do with you.

  5. If it’s clean why do they want to have it in the dark? Let the pple witness the historic event

  6. The problem again is besigye, why doesn’t the press act as the guardians of our constitution. We cant rely on thugs like lukwago and besigye to help us out of this situation. Their motives are to enrich themselves,while preying on the week. Lukwago just received a three hundred million vehicle, had he turned that down and suggest the money be used to fill potholes in Kampala then I would have believed in his cause,he is looking for a better life at our cost. Just like nabila ah,besigye,nsereko and co. Please press ask the government propery to allow you to televise these inquires. Don’t allow besigye and group to cause chaos and have our brothers and sisters loose their freedom,property or lives .we are tired.and please mr Museveni we need transparency for a better Uganda allow the press to do its job.the better the press the better of the country. And the press should take their responsibility seriously and report fairly and responsibly . For God and my country.

  7. Why do we go to polls if mobs and demos can do the job? In demos you cannot tell if everybody carries your idea. A legitimate party should concentrate on building strength to win next elections because a few police officers are enough to disorganise them. The mighty ballot papers are evidence that the people have decided. Remember nobody has monopoly of violence.

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