Muntu and His wife at Namboole before the elections

Former Uganda People’s Defence Forces army commander Mugisha Gregory Muntu has today been elected as the new Forum for Democratic Change President.

Muntu beat his two opponents Nandala Mafabi and Geoffrey Ekanya after he won with 393 votes, Nandala who came second got 361 and Ekanya came third with 17 votes only.

The voting exercise took place at Namboole stadium where the party delegates from across the country had converged to elect a new party President.

This result will not come as a surprise to many political observers who had predicted a two horse race between the leader of opposition in Parliament Nandala Mafabi and Mugisha Muntu.

Muntu replaces Rtd Colonel Kiiza Besigye who however promised to continue with the struggle to liberate Uganda.

In a bid to democratize the party out going leader Col. Kizza Besigye decided to step aside to allow democracy to prevail which compelled Nandala Mafabi, Gen. Mugisha Muntu and Geofrey Ekanya to step up and canvass support for the party’s top job.

For three months the candidates have been traversing the country soliciting votes. Mudslinging, name calling, bribery accusations, and tribal sentiments have so far dominated the campaigns.

This resulted into fear that FDC could split but the party president Besigye reacted to that issue saying, “Those are election issues and no one among the candidates had petitioned over that. In an election one must use all resources in the store to win.”

On Monday while appearing on the same podium to tell the world why they chose to step up for the job, the three candidates debated on corruption, the economy, DRC crisis and war in Somalia.

In his submission Muntu bluntly said that the people need to know the type of the leader they would vote whether he is in position to deliver. He also added that ‘politicians lie alot’ because of the need to have the slot, hence one can be forced to promise heaven. “Don’t go by the words go by the actions, everyone can lie to achieve his selfish interests,” Muntu said.

Its by his statements that the ‘wise voter’ can pick analyze who will break the party or build without necessary voting a friend, rich man, gentle man, even voting ‘titles’ but vote an individual who will polish Besigye’s aftermath to be able to uproot NRM in 2016.

Someone who will use the election as a decision between an effort to elevate FDC and a return to the policies of building structures, mass mobilization, ground fundraising where the party can be independent and able to support its members. He must be able to compete with ruling regime which nearly has all resources thus making it easy for it to win national elections.

Finally, today the delegates have chosen Gen Muntu to take on either his former boss President Museveni if he chooses to contest Uganda’s Presidency again come 2016 when the country holds its next general elections.

Muntu must now intensify pressure on the NRM and take FDC to the next level. Failure to do that the FDC will go down in the books of Uganda’s political history as a perennial loser, something that can even culminate into its demise.


Born in October 1958, at Kitunga village to the late Enock Ruzima Muntuyera and Aida Matama Muntuyera He attended Mbarara Junior School, Kitunga Primary and Kitunga High School.

He later attended Makerere College School before joining Makerere University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree Political science.

It was at Makerere that he got interested in politics serving as the deputy President of the students union.

He joined the Nationala Resistance Army, a rebel movement led by current Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni. After the guerrilla force assumed power in 1986, he rose through the military ranks first serving as head of military intelligence with Rwanda’s current President Paul Kagame as one of his junior officers.

The Russian trained military officer soon rose to the rank of major General and was appointed army commander of the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces, a post he held from 1989 to 1998 making him the longest serving army commander.

It is also during his time as army chief that he became a member of Uganda’s Constituent Assembly from 1994 – 1995.

The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), an islamist group’s attack on Kichwamba Technical Institute that claimed the lives of 80 students in Kabarole District, western Uganda in 1998 brought the curtains down on his long career as army commander.

He broke ranks with President Museveni by his admission in 2004 when Presidential term limits were lifted and this set him on an opposite path from his former boss though his exit from the ruling party was ‘peaceful’. He joined his former comrade Dr Kiiza Besigye who had also walked away from the ruling party in the opposition.

In 2006, he was elected by Parliament to represent the country in the region’s legislative body, The East African Legislative Assembly.

He has been FDC’s mobilization secretary since leaving EALA, twice losing to Rtd Col Kiiza Besigye in his quest to become FDC President.

Reported by Nicholas Mwesigwa


31 thoughts on “PRESIDENT MUNTU

  1. congs Gen Muntu,long live FDC,Uganda needs a president who has military skills like him
    Mr Mafabi is still young,he can try next time but still we need those skills,we need someone
    who can easily be respected by the army and mwanaichi in particular.

      1. congraculations to Gen.Muntu and the entire party delegates and members to come to a time of showing Ugandans,the mature democracy.Thanks much.Gen.Muntu stick to your principles.We are behind you.God bless you.For God and my country.

  2. Congratulations General Muntu, for the first time since 2006, am very happy about an election result and please be assured of my vote come to 2016. Long live General.

  3. Praise be to God for remembering us, we had lost hope in the forth coming election 2016. thank God that general muntu is now our president in F DC and will our president of Uganda come 2016. lets give him the support to end corruption, nepotism, selfish interest and promote national interests. mafabi is a good leader but the time is not now for him as he thinks. lets stabilize the country first ,establish Democratic structures before you can contest. muntu you are almost equivalent to the Jesus who liberated us from our sins and became the way the life and the truth. muntu you are the way the vision and the hope. GOD bless u and the family

  4. Why does everyone think the winner will be the FDC flagbearer? Gen. Muntu is now the CEO of the party. Anybody, not excluding him, may be the 2016 contestant.

  5. General you have made it but remember the the out cry of the people of uganda and deliberate them from the agony of this country. they have trusted you, don’t begin believing on old agenda of joining the bush war but aim at transforming the country.

    1. Great to hear Gen: you back in the frame for this hot seat now start your ground work quickly to plan for 2016 to kick out Nrm, we are positive you are a dedicated principled and God fearing man who will lead this country to Glory without fear or favour. Long live Uganda long live Fdc.

  6. I’m happy 4 Muntu’s victory. Coming from the east, I’m not ignorant of how much work Mafabi would have given us in N.R.M come 2016.

  7. congratulations general mugisha muntu. i am very happy for this development. you really have my support come 2016.mafabi you are a good leader too but this is not right time for you. its hard for you to challenge m7 who has military skills.

  8. congratulations general mugisha muntu. i am very happy for this development. you really have my support come 2016.mafabi you are a good leader too but this is not right time for you. its hard for you to challenge m7 who has military skills. muntu we do believe in you. you are a man of your words, well principled and a gentleman.

  9. Many people have always shouted, talked, done all sorts of things indicating that they suffering because of people from Western Uganda. Here they are once more. Am suprised that the people of Uganda once again think one person from the West can liberate them, secondly the mentality that its only a military man that can lead them to the “promised land”.

    I love Uganda. The way they can praise a new comer and even give them clan names. And after who knows thesame people will turn round and call him names, foreigner from wherever….!!

  10. Muntu…..never….never be like Besigye.
    The man had a problem.

    Be yourself and you will win. People really do understand. No need of fighting every other day like what I dont even know.

  11. Congs General, We hope ya task will be as easy as we expect en dat z to oust M7 come 2016
    Wish you well

  12. congs Munt,,,,,,, and Mafabi too thanks for your co operation..i think Uganda and ugandans are watching-

  13. Thanks a million comrade. your coming into power within the FDC WIL mark my first time in voting and please be rest assured of my votes come 2016.

    Samujeh kwonkic/ladinge

  14. Congs my man, Uganda really needs change, NRM has done its best, its time for fresh blood and ideas within our beloved country. FDC should maintain what our former leaders have put in place i.e good governance and corruption free country and strategies to handle the current unemployment of our youth in the country, thx Ndugu Muntu.

  15. Re.Correction.
    FDC should maintain the good deeds NRM has done but not corruption!!!!!!!! thx.

  16. At last he has taken it please continue the way you behave and also hundling issues not amafia way as we see these days Congs: AFANDE the waves of change start let others also borrow a leaf for transparency and accountability big up man

  17. thanks a lot guys for having the heart of the country but pliz do as the people have trusted you not as you wish to do your own. you are no longer mugisha muntu you are now the president of the republic of fdc which is the upcoming ruling party of the country. hard luck. we wish you well.

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