FDC Race Takes New Twist

The storm kicked off by the ongoing campaign for the next FDC party president escalated last night with each camp making wild allegations. Sarah Eperu, who speaks for Nandala Mafabi’s team, threw mud at Gen Mugisha Muntu’s camp when she claimed youth leader Francis Mwijukye is vehemently backing Muntu because Nandala one time exposed him as a man who can’t be trusted with money.

Eperu claims that Mwijukye one time got terribly injured during Walk-to-Work protests at Katwe and hoodwinked Nandala to give him Shs1.5m for treatment yet Col Kizza Besigye had already given him an equal amount. Eperu claims Mwijukye hated Nandala for revealing his contribution in Besigye’s presence during a NEC meeting at Najjanankumbi. Muntu’s camp dismissed Eperu as a loose talker desperate to divert them from their issue-based campaign.


In a related development, Nandala’s camp was as of last night buoyed after getting more endorsement from hitherto fence-sitting MPs. As of last night, Nandala’s camp was claiming backing of 15 MPs out of the 38 FDC has in Parliament.

Kampala FDC Chairman Livingstone Kizito, who is a key vote winner for the Muntu camp, admitted Nandala was lately gaining some little support amongst MPs. “It’s not true that he has 15. It’s just 12 and for us we are sure of 25 MPs already and we expect to win over the few who remain undecided,” Kizito told us via telephone.

Doreen Nyanjura, a leading youth mobilizer in Nandala’s camp, said, “We have 15 MPs already but the difference is that ours don’t talk a lot like the other camp. They are on the ground working and don’t be surprised if we finish at 70% on November 22.”

She claimed they are currently at 50% adding that, “Our target is to use the remaining days to reach 70% and we shall win.”

Reported By John V Sserwaniko


4 thoughts on “FDC Race Takes New Twist

  1. As a strong FDC member, my attention has been shifted to post November 22 mediation and conflict resolution. The President that delegates will deliver to FDC on the election day will need a more united team in order to rebuild, brand and make a FDC a Party of Choice for the majority Ugandans. Securing our Future Together.

  2. Let both Camps use their words carefully especially for Nandala. Bse time will come for digesting those words spoken which they will not handle.

    Muntu is a good leader for post M7 era.

  3. Dear Sarah Eperu, Dont you think this Younger Man (Francis Mwijukye) Deserved that…??
    Those boys escoting Dr. Besigye Realy deserved More than that you’r Reporting, and your Story doesnt weigh any Value..!!
    If Besigye had won the Presidency, those boys would have been Rewarded BIG bonus, They Have suffered too Much..!!
    For you to expose them for Only 3m, that not fair

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