FDC’s Musumba To Be Nominated Today

Forum for Democratic Change Vice President, Salaam Musumba is expected to be nominated today for the by-election of the Kamuli LC5.

This comes after the Court of Appeal directed the Electoral Commission to organise and conduct fresh elections, after Mr Hajj Ahmed Kaugu Mugaino Kisati withdrew his appeal thus upholding the Jinja High Court ruling that he lacked academic qualifications for nomination.

The other candidates in the race for the top district job are the ruling party National Resistance Movement’s Thomas Kategere and former district boss Stephen Mubiru.

The former Member of Parliament and opposition strong woman who failed in her attempt last year to rejoin parliament in the general elections held in February 2011, will be hoping to win the district seat to salvage her political career that has seen her disappear into political oblivion.

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  1. Big Leaders to be nominated into Low Positions shows that These Opposition members need to mature and understand the matter of Leadership
    God Save us not Shave us from such

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