Frank Lampard Evicts His Children’s Grandmother

Chelsea and England Midfielder Frank Lampard

Chelsea and England midfielder has launched a legal bid to evict his children’s 100-year-old great-grandmother from her home.

Teresa Canete, the grandmother of his former fiancée Elen Rivas was given a notice that she has just days to move out of a four-bedroom flat in Barcelona that he bought for her in 2008.

Through his lawyers Frank served a notice to the granny of his kids that partly reads “Dear Madam, I am sending this present letter on behalf of my client Frank Lampard to inform you that he has the intention of recovering immediately the property he owns and which you currently occupy with no formal rights…”

The old woman has until 3oth November to vacate the dwelling or some other measures will be effected.

Spanish property records show that the £290,000 flat, on the third floor of an eight-storey block in the city centre, was bought with a £181,000 mortgage in May 2008.

At the time, the Chelsea star was still engaged to Ms Rivas.

The couple ended their seven-year relationship later that year, and the £150,000-a-week star allowed Ms Canete to remain in her home.

Two years ago, the midfielder announced his desire to put the property on sale, a move he seems determined to effect at the end of this month.

10 thoughts on “Frank Lampard Evicts His Children’s Grandmother

  1. thought u had grown up but lol. leave tha old lady to stay on that house .man u r rich .what u earn per week .is equivalent to what i earn in three years .have a helping heart.

  2. Let her bounce, he owes her nothing. She is not his wife, girlfriend , mother or anything to him. What he earns is his own money and not for some ex-fiance’s grandmother to enjoy.. As a matter of fact she should even pay for losses incurred

  3. Frank pliz,B sympathetic to this out-aged grand-ma,after all,any time she can leave this world n u will re-own yo property,the matter is ,u have all documents that u own the property,Frank ,have a merciful heart

  4. Guys i live in a credit economy en wat i have learnt is so bad that wen pepo break up. The reposes all their belongings outside marriage…. Naw lampard shared wat he had to share and his x in this case had to take care of her relative. Ebintu byasoba ebulaya

  5. why cant some people be a blessing to others. but he bought it for her which means she has a right over that house. Remember we are all visitors in this world and we shall take nothing with us. so let the old woman have her peace of mind so that when her time comes to leave she has nothing in her heart against u and your family. Be a blessing to her and she will bless u

  6. Uk stop aid 2 rwanda,uganda,india etc,lampard has also stoped aid 2 oldwoman,wife etc what is happening in europe?

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