FUFA Announces Free Entry For CECAFA Games


FUFA president Lawrence Mulindwa, in a joint announcement from the EABL Managing Director, Alasdair Musselwhite and Cecafa General Secretary Nicholas Musonye, have announced that there will be free entry to the following GROUP STAGE games. They will be free to the entire public;

1. Somalia Vs Sudan (Wed, 4pm)
2. Tanzania Vs Burundi (Wed, 6pm)
3. Malawi Vs Eritrea (Thur, 4pm)
4. Rwanda Vs Zanzibar ( Thur, 4pm)
5. Sudan Vs Burundi ( Sat, 2pm)
6. Somalia Vs TZ  ( Sat, 2pm, Nakivubo)
7. Malawi Vs Zanzibar ( Sat, 4pm, Namboole)
8. Eritrea Vs Rwanda (Sat, 4pm, Nakivubo)

However, on FRIDAY, the following games will attract free entrance for ladies ONLY;
Kenya Vs Ethiopia ( Fri, 4pm)
South Sudan Vs Uganda (Fri, 6pm)

9 thoughts on “FUFA Announces Free Entry For CECAFA Games

    1. @joab free things kill at leat take the free entry u can provide uself transport unless u’re not interested

  1. This would have been the first thing to do from the starting day.where by if game is reaching the knock out stage than fufa &co. Would be start charging the spectators because when Ibeing watching for free ,now I will get morale of paying. But for Fufa is the other way round. Please marketers ,promoters & organisers seek advise.

  2. The Friday games are not free. After all Uganda has already qualified for quarters, who’s going to pay? sh’d have been all games free and start charging from quarters. who says mulindwa has become less greedy? they have been getting a handful of spectators of which may happen on Friday when our Cranes are playing.

  3. Doreen watch your statement does the monies collected go direct to mulindwas pocket and do U know how much moni was spent to prepare the cranes learn not to like free things they are alway expensive in later time.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Please people do not use my name to make controversial public statements. I have no issues with Mr. Mulindwa. And I do not know about the beef in football circles. Impersonation is a big crime. I hired I.T experts to trace the I.P address of that impersonator and traffic going to their machine was culled and server logs from their ISP to his machine were analysed and packets have been sniffed until the identity of the culprit was found in their browser activity like email, facebook, porn sites etc. Stay warned and wait for legal action.

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