Hackers To Deface Ugandan Websites Over Anti-gay Bill

Parliament Speaker Rebeca Kadaga Promised to Pass the anti-gay Bill as a Christmas Gift To Ugandans

Anonymous also known as hacktivists, a cyber group famed for their activism against corrupt entities without revealing their identity are planning cyber warfare against Ugandan officials if Parliament goes ahead to pass the anti-gay bill.

On Monday, November 12, Ugandan Speaker Rebecca Kadaga revealed that Uganda’s anti-gay bill will be passed before the end of 2012 as a “Christmas gift” to Ugandan Christians, despite vigorous and vocal international criticism of the legislation.

In response to this Anonymous New Jersey released a message in protest of the legislation, a message including the names, email addresses and other relevant information of members of Uganda’s Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs. The following is an extract from that message:

The “Kill the gays” bill has been reintroduced into the Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs in Uganda… Let them know that we will not let this bill pass. And if it does they should expect us.

Last August hacktivists associated with the group Anonymous hacked and defaced several Ugandan government websites in support of gay rights and in retaliation for draconian and inhumane anti-gay government policies. Ugandan government websites hacked and defaced included the official websites of the Office of the Prime Minister and the Uganda Justice Law and Order Sector. The following is an excerpt from a message posted to the Office of the Prime Minister’s website:

You have been warned, repeatedly to expect us.
Your violations of the rights of gays have disgusted us. ALL people have the right to live in dignity free from the repression of someone else’s political and religious beliefs. You should be PROUD of your LGBT citizens, because they clearly have more balls than you will ever have.
Real Ugandan Pride is demonstrated in standing up to oppression despite fearing the abuse, torture and murder inflicted on LGBT at the hands of the corrupt government.

In 2009, Ndorwa West MP David Bahati tabled before parliament a bill that seeks to criminalize homosexuality even though it is already illegal. The bill among others suggested the death penalty for “aggravated homosexuality”.

The bill was received with apprehension from the international community with some countries threatening to cut aid to the east African nation if it went ahead with passing the bill forcing the government to shelve it.

However this year there have been calls from religious groups urging Parliament to expedite the passing of the bill to guard against immoral behavior. 90% of Ugandans do not support sam-sex relationships


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  1. we are africans lets not dance on tunes of the west,u clearly know that we got independence from Britain.

  2. anonymous,..We really appreciate u fighting high powers and their corruption..But in this case,u r acting like it is the american environment,the bill implies detention and not death…if u fight the passing of this bill?U r fighting we the people of uganda..SO EXPECT US…

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