Hurricane Sandy Death Toll Up To 90

The number of people killed by hurricane Sandy that left massive destruction in its wake has risen to 90 while others are said to be missing, according to reports.

U.S citizens especially in the affected areas of New York and New Jersey are still trying to recover from the effects of the storm that made a land fall on Sunday forcing both Presidential Candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to suspend their campaigns in preparation for Tuesday’s poll.

This death toll in the U.S has exceeded the one recorded in the Caribbean where 69 people lost their lives and officials fear the number of the dead could rise even further.

The storm that is one of the biggest in U.S history is also expected to have an effect on the economy with an estimated $50 billion set to be used in the recovery process. This is contrary to the previous estimate done by forecasting firm EQECAT.

The effects of this storm could put the New York Marathon slated for Sunday in doubt with some leaders like the Borough President calling on the New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to call it off.







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