Janet In Hot Soup Over OPM Funds

Gerald Karuhanga speaking to the press

MPs sitting on the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the Ugandan Parliament have unearthed more rot in the Office of the Prime Minister regarding the mismanagement of the Peace and Recovery Development Program (PRDP) funds meant for northern Uganda and Karamoja region.

The MPs while in a closed meeting with the Auditor General, John Muwanga, discovered that shs1.7 billion which was part of the PRDP funds was used to purchase a high end Mercedes Benz for Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi and other luxury vehicles for his office.

The Auditor General told the PAC that the First Lady, Janet Museveni used over 800 million shillings to travel to Israel eight times in one month.

Some members on the committee who include Gerald Karuhanga and Henry Musasizi said that they want the First Lady, the Prime Minister and Bank of Uganda officials at Parliament without fail next week to explain their involvement in the mismanagement of the funds.

“The Prime Minister’s office is on the front pages of all the newspapers over misusing tax payer’s money. We are also plan to interdict Mr. Bigirimana for the loss of shs50 billion, again another saga of shs1.7 billion has come in. We really need to do something as far as this matter is concerned,” Karuhanga said.

“It’s hurting to know that the money that should have gone to the people of northern Uganda where children are suffering from nodding disease and hunger was used to buy vehicles for ministers and the Prime Minister,” he added.

After meeting with the Auditor General, the committee will begin its investigations into the matter on Monday next week.

At least Shs50 billion in funds for the Peace, Recovery and Development Plan for Northern Uganda is believed to have been stolen at Office of the Prime Minister. So far five donor nations including Ireland and Sweden have reacted by suspending aid to Uganda.


14 thoughts on “Janet In Hot Soup Over OPM Funds

  1. It would be one the Ninth wonders of the world if all that mess goes on in the OPM office and the in- charge of karamoja comes out clean. How, really,how! Did these people buy Uganda without the true citizens knowing

  2. It seems there no government in charge of the affairs of Uganda. unfortunately evil is taking over this country bse even homos can demonstrate openly!!!! Money laundering is the order of the day! What a shame!!

  3. PAC should also check Otengo’s docket of state for northern Uganda. You might have the greatest surprise of your work. There is extreme rot.

  4. I completely don’t understand the direction our country is taking,everybody is trying to run away with apiece of it. greed is the order of the day,Ugandans have been subjected to unbearable situation.brothers and sisters lets pray for this nation.otherwise things are not good at all. now i hear others have been acquitted, very hurting!

    God please have mercy and save this nation Uganda.

  5. when shall ugandans ever get ANGRY and take back their country!!! all the funds these guys are stealing are loans which we have to pay back. shouldn’t ugandans protest against the so called donors!! they fund thuggery and the taxpayers have to pay!!! WHERE is the opposition in this? Demonstrations against corruption should be organized. they should target the donors too.

  6. Well done Mr.Muwanga.Now the judiciary should confiscate all stolen properties,then the IGG should really question civil servants who have built empires within a short period of time.

  7. come 2015, we Ugandans who really love our country, Vote NRM out of power. That’s the only medicine to this mess. these people have no remorse for human life. First of all Money for TB and HIV patients, now Money meant for Recovery of Northern Uganda. Theses guys are even capable of Mortgaging our country.

  8. There is time for everything. one day whoever has inflicted pain and agony will pay. That is why the Bible was written and protected by God always to remind human kind that one day you will be held accountable for your bad deeds. There are numerous references to this regard from Genesis through Revelation. Cain killed Abel his ancestors suffered the consequences of his actions. Fellow citizens time will tell.

  9. It is really a shame, we Ugandans have been left helpless. President Museveni has totally done nothing about corruption. lets pray that the next government seizes these stolen properties and cash. there is no way a public servant with no other known side income can accumulate a wealth of such billions in a lifetime! Teachers are crying..Doctors.. universities.. poor peasants.. basically every one.

  10. Twenty eight years ago,my late grand father(r.i.p )used to tell us that,for him he couldnt trust mr,museveni,then a rebel with the office of presidecy! Reason?they had/he had seen,his un democtic,millitalic chaotic tendencies,when he( museven) astate defence minister. For us being young,we disageed with our grand,thinking, him being astaunch upc supporter,he just hates museveni! We were wrong,and our grand was right.it did not take long,we had mr museveni has broken into the then,commercial bank in hoima,and all the cash taken,he (grand) reminded us, the crimininal act, our man(museveni) had commited.it did not take long,the shot him self to power,their after,his policies reduced our cash,how? If u had one million, by the time of exchange, they would remove,three zeros,u remain with,one k,then again 30percent of from 1 k,u remain with only,700 shs from amillion.this our grand termed it as daytime robbery by our man.wih this,and more of what our late grand father,used tell us, we have witnessed then,happennig.very soon iwill write aletter to the press,of all he told us,and have come to pass.let me conclude by saying,they came with thieving agenda.

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