Janet Museveni Refutes OPM Mismanagement Allegations

First Lady Janet Museveni has denied any wrong doing in the OPM scandal

Uganda’s First Lady, Janet Kataaha Museveni has hit back at allegations she may have a hand in the money theft scandal that has since rocked the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM).

Mrs. Janet Museveni who is also the Minister of Karamoja was on Thursday implicated in the scam after it was alleged that part of the aid to Uganda through the Prime Minister’s office meant for northern Uganda and Karamoja was instead spent on trips she made to Israel.

It was further alleged that she visited the Middle East nation nine times in one month and the trips are said to have cost an estimated sh143.6m.

These claims were made when the Auditor General John Muwanga was meeting Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) at parliament. The Auditor General’s report discovered that money meant for Northern Uganda’s recovery was mismanaged.

The public has received these allegations with anger with some people calling for the First lady to be investigated to establish her innocence.

The allegations added a twist to the whole saga that has seen Donor countries Ireland, Britain, Norway among others suspend aid to the east African nation.

Mrs. Museveni in her rebuttal dismisses the allegations as false and malicious explaining that she traveled to Israel once to make an on-spot observation of the technology of watering dry lands, and did not mismanage money meant for the poor in the north.

In her statement, she urges Ugandans to search for the truth while condemning western youth MP Gerald Karuhanga’s claims of dubious deals on her part.

Below is the First Lady’s Full statement

The NTV evening newscast of November 8, announced how the First Lady has been ‘pinned down’ as being part of the OPM cash scam. They claim I travelled eight times to Israel in one month, taking with me hundreds of millions of shillings.

I know that there is a good number of Ugandans who are still in shock over this ‘revelation’. That is what forces me to make this statement immediately, so that I can allay their fears.

In 2010, I was invited to Israel to make an on-the-spot observation of the methods they have used over the years to access water in that very dry part of the world, so that we could benefit from their experience in our struggle to change the face of Karamoja.

I was not able to honor the invitation for a long time, but in September 2010, I took advantage of the one time I was accompanying H.E the President to the United Nations General Assembly meeting to travel from Entebbe via Tel Aviv, Israel and then joined the President in London for on ward travel to the New York meeting.

Therefore, the cost of the greater part of that journey was not paid for by OPM. Perhaps, I should add here for everybody’s information that the information I now have is that the money that paid for this trip was not from PRDP funds.

This was a study tour I undertook for purposes of my work in the Karamoja region. As such, I have no apologies to make because I was not a tourist and I was not on a pleasure trip.

It is therefore painful to see how far some ‘leaders’ will go to distort the truth in order to achieve their own objectives.

This is not to say that some money was not stolen; it may have been, and if it was, the investigations will unearth the evidence to prove that. But why try to include my name “eight times”? Surely, even a child can judge that it is impossible for that to have happened in one month!

The voice of the newsreader on NTV that sounded so gleeful as he triumphantly announced that “the First Lady has been pinned down in the saga of corruption” for me was the most tragic, because it demonstrated the extent of malice and hatred that drives a lot of public reporting and that adds salt to the wound of the cancer of corruption.

We need to understand that corruption is not just stealing of public funds alone, but when the media, or politicians, falsely accuse people, for their own political gain, that is also corruption.

I cannot end this statement without commenting on what Hon. Gerald Karuhanga repeated many times on the news broadcast, specifically that the First Lady travelled eight times to Israel and that the AG’s report also mentions a company which was doing business with OPM, under the name of Jesus.

He seemed to imply that this company belongs to me! Well, let me inform the public that the only business I transact with OPM is my service to Karamoja as specified by the appointing authority.

For that also I have done what is humanly possible to serve my country. If God is pleased with my effort, it is enough for me; after all, it is Him I serve.

In conclusion, let me appeal to the people of this great land to hold hands together and believe the truth where it is told and fight evil where it may be found.

This land is going to reject and eject those who poison the minds of its people as they take bribes from the thieves and speak on their behalf.


63 thoughts on “Janet Museveni Refutes OPM Mismanagement Allegations

  1. you know thats how civil servants embezel money. they try to creat activities that happened in order to show that accounted for the money given to them. thats why they put mama Janet travels of 8 times to isreal. if you are willing to pin her over that .its because you already have a mind set bent on doin so

  2. Mama Janet knows everything….but remember the God u serve..oh my God!!! We are tired you and your Government.God is there watching you, the whole country is tired of u .God is going to judge each of u one by one.

  3. never the less,Jesus said “not those who call me father..father shall go into heaven,but those who do his will.Janet and staff “you should therefore repent or else God is going to wipe away the tears of those northerners.who knows,one of them may be the next leader and what you have ‘stolen” today has been documented.it shall be used against you on the judgement day-God have been mercy.

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